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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW- Kylelashay Draper Reaches Our Youth With Positive Poetry!

Born in Fresno California, a incredibly talented poet was discovered on YouTube expressing herself through positive poetry which caught the ears and eyes of EarHustle411.   Kyleashay Draper,  is a 22 year old woman who is not only a poet but also a writer and singer.

 After moving from California to Arizona to pursue her education, she completed one year of school and decided to move back to Los Angeles to complete personal goals; it was then she experienced homelessness, temptation and loss of faith.  She began the process of starting over and seeking God.

 Kyleashay Draper decided to post a video poem entitled “Woman Be A Woman” and this poem went viral practically overnight and received thousands of views.  EarHustle411 had the opportunity to listen to her poems and we were blown away. Check out her interview and tell us what you think of this multi-talented young lady.

How did you know your poetry had such a positive impact on our youth?

 I actually had no idea, I have always been a writer and I have always wanted to do something positive but never did I know that I would make an impact through my poetry.

What made you decide to use your voice to spread positive and encouraging words that not only affect our young people but adults as well?

 Before poetry, I was posting videos of me rapping and singing but neither delivered positive messages. One day I was attempting to do a video of me singing however it wasn’t working out. Out of frustration, I ended up telling God word for word ” ok God, fine I’m going to do something for you today.” Then is when I decided to post a video poem called “A Chance For Salvation” once I posted that video and saw the response I got I decided that I wanted to do more. Then is when I decided to post more poems and help people with my words. Ultimately I feel like God made the decision for me to do this. I never knew or imagined that my poems would help so many people.


 Have you ever done any speaking engagements, school tours or mentoring?

Yes, I have. I’ve visited High schools & other public non-profit events for women. I also do some online mentoring and give advice to young girls who ask for it.

Who would you say is the biggest influence in your life and why?

The biggest influence in my life is my older sister Latoya Price. She doesn’t really know this but a lot of who I am is because of who she was as we were growing up. She was a role model. She taught me nearly every gospel song I know, she always went to church and taught my little sister and I about God, not only that she wrote poetry too. She used to let me read them all the time. She is the reason I started writing.

If you were told you couldn’t use your voice anymore and you had one last poem to recite what would that poem be about and why?

 I would recite a poem about the love of God and the changes that I hope to see come to pass . Kind of like Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, only it would be be relation to modern day and it would be spoken word.



Where are you from and how has your environment affected your poetry?

 I am from Fresno California. My environment affected my poetry because it gave me something to feel & something to talk about to myself. I came from a broken home and from a place high in crime but I wouldn’t know what I know or be who I am if it wasn’t for that little place. The environment I was raised in shaped my words to be the cold hard truth & because of that, only real individuals can relate to it.

 If there was something you could do to combat the violence in certain communities what would you do?

 I feel like there is violence in communities due to lack of love, lack of connection and lack of encouragement. The only way too truly end violence is to end pain or find ways for them to express pain aside from violence. I would like to build youth centers to be places of peace for young people; a place where they don’t have to hunger or want for attention, love & resources to succeed. Violence will end when resources begin.

 Have you ever considered writing a motivational book?

Yes, I actually plan to. Writing several books is definitely on my list of things to do.

 How can your fans reach you if they want to hear more of your poems or see videos?

Facebook| Twitter| YouTube

 Kylelashay Draper has been Ear Hustle 411 Approved!!!!

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