Exclusive Interview: Chicago Artist Vijeta Blasts Her Way To The Top With Her Hit Song “Wait for the Night”

EarHustle411 is consistently “keeping our ears to the streets” and it is our support for others that sets up apart from the rest.  While Chicago has been experiencing negative news lately, we are setting our sights high on focusing on the unbelievable talent that comes out of The Windy City.

Ear Hustle 411 had the opportunity to talk with the incredibly talented songwriter and singer Vijeta as she spills the tea about her new hit single “Wait for for the Night” which is sure to blow up the charts.

The Chicago native who has a very distinctive name due to her Indian heritage moved to Atlanta where she tapped deeply into her music, writing, live performances, and amazing dance skills.

Although she moved to Atlanta for more opportunities, Vijeta still considers Chicago her home.  She chose to hone in her craft in Atlanta which is the mecca for amazing artists.  She certainly will stand out among the best.

The concept of relocating has been adopted by many artists from Chicago, however,  she is determined to show the world that Chicago is a great place of extremely talented individuals and anything can happen when you put in hard work and stay faithful. 

Check out our conversation with Vijeta below:

Exclusive Interview: Chicago Artist Vijeta Blasts Her Way To The Top With Her Hit Song “Wait for the Night”

Can you share with our readers where you are from and how you got started in music?

I was born and raised in Chicago, Il, but my family is from Punjab, INDIA!!! As far as my start in music, it was a very organic and natural thing. I couldn’t pinpoint it for you. I just know I was young, I felt lost in my own life, needed saving, and music appeared.

Music is all around us and it can influence us in many ways, who was your music influences and why?

Ok, don’t laugh, but the Spice Girls were a huge influence for me. They are damn near the reason I fell in love with not just music, but performance as a whole. #girlpower lol

 When a person is blessed with a gift such as yours, some people will give back to the community What are some of the things you have done to give back to those in need?

I don’t have the resources to give back all the ways I would like to yet. What I do think I’ve contributed to the community is whatever wisdom I’ve gained from experience. I’ve been through a lot during the life I’ve lived so far and I have made peace with the fact that it hasn’t been in vain. Everything I’ve gone through, I’ve learned from. I make it a point to use what I’ve learned to help the younger generation; to help those who may not have an older influence to guide them.  A couple years back I got the opportunity to teach dance at a high school near Chicago. What I thought would be an easy teaching job ended up being so much more and I was able to positively impact several high school kids that are now flourishing as adults.

Tell us about your single “Wait for the Night”, where did you get your inspiration and did you write those songs?

There’s a funny story behind “Wait for the Night”. It was actually a throwaway song. I had no intention of using it. A DJ from Ukraine (DJ Fiodor) contacted me on IG asking for vocals he could remix. I sent him “Wait for the Night”, he remixed it and fell in love with it. He loved it so much that he remixed it twice and set up shooting a video for it. It’s crazy because we’ve never actually met or spoke but we have a music video together. Half of the video was shot in Ukraine and the other half was shot in Atlanta.

This was one of the first songs I wrote on my own. Surprisingly it was inspired by the idea of werewolves… The way they’re stuck as humans during the day, waiting for night to embrace their instinctual selves kind of reminded me of humans and their “day” jobs. They wake up, go to work, get off work, go home, and go to sleep, wake up and repeat. It’s like their waiting for the nighttime or the weekend when they can let go and embrace who they really are. Be raw, animalistic (or drunk….lol….same thing) basically just let go. That’s what the song is about.

Can you share with our reader where they can purchase “Wait For The Night”.

“Wait For The Night” can be purchased on all music platforms. (iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, etc. )

If you were to lose all vocal abilities and were only able to sing one last song, It doesn’t have to be yours, What would that song be?

Ok don’t judge me, but I think it would have to be Spice Girls “Wannabe”….lol

What is the most difficult part in being in the music industry?

For me, honestly, it’s being a woman in an industry that has become so sexualized. It, unfortunately, is less and less about talent/passion and more and more about things that shouldn’t matter. It’s hard to break through and create a presence in an industry that is so saturated with people pursuing it for the wrong reasons or people being pursued to be a part of it for the wrong reasons.

With all the violence going on, as an artist how can music influence the youth?

Music has always been a POSITIVE guiding light for me.  I think a lot of people in and out of the industry lose sight of just how powerful music can be. I think the best thing I, as an artist, can do is put positive music out there and maintain a positive image. It’s not just music that influences society; it’s the people that make it too. Knowing that I make it a point to live by example and stay conscious of weight my influence as a music artist carries.

How would you classify your music?

It’s hard to classify my music. I’m Indian, so that definitely influences my sound. I love to dance and that makes me love pop and I grew up exposed to r&b. My music is a combination of all of those things. I don’t think there is a specific classification or lane for it yet. I think I am actively creating whatever that is supposed to be.

What advice would you give to other young ladies that are trying to break into the music industry?

As a woman still trying to find her place in the industry, I would say stay as true to yourself as you can be and build a team that supports and sees your vision.

If anyone wants to check out your music, go to any of your shows, how can you be contacted?

I can be reached via email @


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