Ex-Boyfriend Of Cosby Accuser Files Lawsuit Against CNN For Alleged Defamation


An ex-boyfriend of Bill Cosby accuser Beverly Johnson is suing CNN for allegedly defaming him by talking crap about him to TMZ.

Johnson was contacted by CNN for a special that focused on her accusations. TMZ broke the story … Cosby’s lawyer urged the network to interview Mark Burk because he lived with Johnson for 4 years, and would say she only had praise for the comedian and never mentioned drugging allegations.

We contacted CNN before the show aired, and ended up with a letter the network sent to Cosby’s lawyer saying Burk was a criminal with an ax to grind and lived with Johnson long after she was allegedly drugged. As a result they said he was not included in the special.

Burk is now suing CNN … claiming the network gave TMZ the letter it sent to Cosby’s lawyer, attacking his credibility and as a result his reputation has been damaged.

In the lawsuit Burk says, “CNN is not a tabloid periodical ‘picking on the little guy.’ CNN is a giant that has absolutely ruined the reputation of one man.”

Burk is suing for $19 million.

We contacted CNN … so far no word back.

Source: TMZ

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