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The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne The God Is Hit With Allegations Of Raping A 15-Year Old Girl…Again!

Charlamagne the God is facing allegations of rape by the same young woman who accused him many years back. At the time of the alleged incident the young woman was 15 to CTG’s 20. Due to lack of DNA evidence he was not charged for the alleged rape but was held accountable for providing the alcoholic beverages at the party.

Charlamagne has stated he believe this resurfacing of the alleged rape is to attack his personal reputation.

His good friend Angela Rye has spoken out about the situation and she’s defending her friend until the end.

Read more as reported by Vibe Magazine:

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Charlamagne Tha God, one of media’s most outspoken voices, is currently in hot water. However, this time the controversy isn’t surrounding something he said, but rather a resurfaced rape allegation that several want him held accountable for. Reports allege that nearly 20 years ago, The Breakfast Clubhost sexually assaulted a teenage girl at a party. He has denied these claims, but did plead guilty back then to contributing to the delinquency of a minor by providing the alcohol in an underage environment. Charlamagne served three years probation and the assault charges were eventually dismissed due to lack of DNA evidence.

However, people aren’t letting it go that easily, and are looking to his famous friends to address the issue and admonish him publicly. One of those such “friends” was Angela Rye. Rye, a frequent Breakfast Club guest, was pressed by social media commenters to speak on the nature of his alleged crimes.

Beneath a photo of her recent Woman Evolve Conference panel appearance in Denver, one commentator wrote, “Angela are you going to speak on your friend Charlamagne allegedly drugging then raping a 15-year-old girl years ago. I know you speak up for black women being respected but for some reason your kinda quiet on this subject. I hope you don’t let it slide and hope for it to go away…..I’m just thinking out loud.”

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In her response, Rye not only defended his assertion of innocence based on the lack of physical evidence but also made it clear that she’s not in the business of rooting for a woman to “come up” on an innocent black man.

“Since you opted to post about TWO different incidents and described neither of them accurately on my Jesus conference post, sure. My BROTHER is neither a molester nor a rapist. He never drugged anyone. He never touched the girl,” Angela wrote. “Read more about the incident from 2001 in his book Black Privilege and note that he regrets having a party where underaged folks where [sic] drinking when he was young and dumb (that’s the ONLY thing he pled to…why? Because there was no physical evidence connecting him to the girl. Why? Because he never touched her. I truly pray for her piece of mind. Truly. However, she will not ‘come up’ on my brother off a lie. I stand for truth before I stand for anything else. God bless you and your family.”

Source: Vibe

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