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Eric Benét Takes Talent Search to the Subways- “Sub Stars”


Crooner Eric Benét is hosting a new talent search show, but there won’t be any nationwide auditions. He’s searching the cities’ subways for undiscovered talent on “Sub Stars.”

Eric will be going from city to city looking for artists who dare to showcase their raw talent to commuters and tourists using public transportation. Not only does he want to avoid the hype of popular shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol,” but Eric also wants to pay it forward.

“I think for everyone here who’s had some success, they’ve all been in that seat where all those kids and all those future stars are at home watching this right now and dreaming and wishing and hoping that they could be here. For us who have gotten here, we just want to show our younger selves, you can really do this,” Eric told Sister 2 Sister on the “Soul Train Awards” red carpet.


“Back then, it just seems so far away. It just seems so unreachable. Now, that we’re here, all you want to do is just go back and say, ’Just at that point where you’re about to give up, don’t do it because that next break just might be the one that just takes you where you need to go,’” he said.


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