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Enough is Enough!!! McDonald’s Customer Jumps Counter & Fights Employee Goes Viral

EarHustle411 came across a video on Facebook where a customer jumped the counter at McDonald’s and commenced to engaging in a physical altercation with an employee.  As disturbing as the video is, it does make one wonder that in this world of extreme technology, why are we NOT fed up with the constant videos of “fights gone wild” whether it is young people fighting each other, females fighting females and what have you.  After a while the concept gets to be really old and tired.  It’s unfortunate that majority of these videos involve people of color.  At the time of this post the video had almost 2.7 Million views

People of color already have a difficult time in society simply because of race.  As the saying goes “to know better, is to do better”, well if we know better then how come we are not doing better??  We should be seeing more positive videos go viral and not just the things that will get views and shares.

EarHustle411 family what are you thoughts about this subject matter??

Disclaimer: Video contains graphic language


Source: Facebook

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