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Elderly Texas Woman Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls

dog attack

Police in Kaufman believe an 85-year-old woman died from a pit bull attack in her home.

Dorothy Hamilton’s son found her body in the living room of her home in the 1400 block of E. First North Street on Monday.

Police said two large and very aggressive pit bulls were in the living room with her.

Her son had been keeping the dogs in a bedroom for several months. Police said the dogs appeared to have broken through the door, and got to the woman.


However, an autopsy was ordered to determine her exact cause of death.

Neighbors said they have had close calls with the animals in the past.

“One of those pit bulls charged all the way down the road to where that truck is at me and my dog. That’s been about two years ago and I haven’t walked since. It was very frightening,” said Emma Glenn, a neighbor.

The victim’s cousin told FOX 4 she was afraid of the dogs.

The two dogs inside the house and six others that were being kept outside were taken to a Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department facility.

They will all be quarantined and the two involved in the attack could be euthanized.

No charges have been filed.

Source: MyFoxDfw.com


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