Texas Man Losses Nine Fingers And Both Feet Due To Complications From The Flu

Brian Herndon

Photo Credit: Jaye Herndon/gofundme

Via WGN News, A Fort Worth man has lost nine fingers and both of his feet due to complications from the flu.

Brian Herndon has spent the last four weeks in the intensive care unit at Baylor University Medical Center after developing septic shock and blood clots caused by the flu and, later, pneumonia.

The Star-Telegram reports Herndon, 51, had a low-grade fever on January 3rd. The next day it was running higher and that evening he went to hospital. Tests revealed he had pneumonia.

The next day, the family learned that his pneumonia had combined with this year’s particularly deadly flu virus.  Herndon was in septic shock.

Doctors detected no pulse in his feet for a few days. That’s when they knew they’d have to amputate. Two weeks later, doctors at Dallas’ Baylor University Medical Center had to take both of Brian’s feet and nine of his 10 fingers.

He had developed something called disseminated intravascular coagulopathy. The condition causes micro-clots in a patient’s bloodstream, affecting blood flow starting with the fingers and feet.

Herndon will also need special hand work, as parts of every finger have been removed. Family and friends set up this GoFundMe page to help the Herndon family with prosthetics costs.

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