EarHustle411 Talent Spotlight: Kenyon Dixon Was Destined To Show The World Just How “SUPAFLY” He Really Is!!!

EarHustle411 and the writing staff takes great pleasure in showcasing talented people.  Media Correspondent SunShyne had the distinct pleasure to interview with a young man that has been putting in great work with several musical artists as a background singer, writer, producer extraordinaire but not before he had is day in the dance world and a trained dancer and instructor.

Kenyon Dixon is a 26-year old talented phenom who in his young years on this earth has done some truly BIG THINGS.  His first professional gig at age 17 doing background work was for the infamous DJ Quik was the kick-start that opened the door for him to doing work with Usher, Beyonce Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank, Faith Evans, Kelly Rowland and Nick Jonas just to name a few.

Kenyon Dixon

photo credit: Tyshon Lowe

After working with the likes of the above “seasoned” artists, and getting a Grammy nomination for Tyrese’s album “Open Invitation”, Kenyon knew that all of his experiences working with them was just the tip of the iceberg for him and that he was destined to do something greater.  Prior to his current superstar resume, Kenyon humbly discusses his upbringing as the son of a preacher and not being able to partake or listen to “secular” music but as God would have His way, he was being groomed and prepared for his current path.  While coming from a family that is musically inclined and talented in their own right, Kenyon has an “old soul” and appreciates all different genres of music and instruments and it’s no wonder he refers to his music as “Rhythm & Vibe” because he says, “It’s not really a sound. It’s more of a feeling”.

EarHustle411 could not tell Kenyon’s story better than he can, so let’s just get right down to it:

EarHustle411: Hi Kenyon, my name is SunShyne from EarHustle411, it’s an awesome pleasure to be speaking with you.  My first question for you is being a preacher’s kid how did your parents feel when you began your career in secular music?

Kenyon: Good question, I think what prepped them was I was involved in entertainment through dancing, so I was still exposed to music like Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz and stuff like that and I think that helped so it wasn’t a major surprise.  I think it’s still kind of weird for my mom when she comes to shows.  My mom is so “churchy”, (laughing) if you guys knew her, it’s so funny to watch the look on her face, she’s proud but at the same time she’s just kind of looking like “okay, you know better”.  She understands and she knows the value she’s instilled in me as a child.  I just live with those values and as the bible says “be not conformed of this world” and I’m in here but I know my purpose and that’s what I’m going to stick by.

EH411: That’s so AWESOME!! My next question for you is as an artist what was the hardest bridge for you to cross and where do you see yourself in the next 4 years?

KD: I think the hardest bridge for me to cross was transitioning from background singing to lead but not as a lead but the hardest bridge to how other people perceive you.  When people see you work in a certain vicinity, they always want to associate you with that at all times.  It was hard at first and people enjoy my music and it took a while for people I have done background work for to just go ahead and accept that I am able to be on the same stages as them.  Where do I see myself in 4 years, definitely ahead of where I am right now.  I’m just a very progressive person, I am always learning.  It’s hard for me to say, I feel like I’d be selling myself short.  I can’t imagine where I would be 4 years from now, that’s how amazing I want it to be.  I want to look back 4 years from now and be somewhere so amazing and not even think that any of this could have happened.

Kenyon Dixon

Photo Credit: Tyshon Lowe

EH411: Gotcha!! After having sung background for Beyonce, Usher, and Tyrese, how did it feel to “pen” tracks for his latest project “Black Rose”?

KD:  Awesome experience!! By the time we started working n the album, me and Tyrese had become like family.  It had made the process of working on the album much better.  It’s like working with family who just happen to be creative.  A lot of people don’t know but we started working on that album in January 2013, is really when we started working ob Black Rose.  We flew out to Arizona for a whole month to a secluded house, with all of the equipment there and for an entire month we worked on Black Rose.  Interestingly enough, the music 2 years prior would not have worked for the project 2 years later but ironically the tracks I did were still relevant. The feeling is GREAT!! It’s always amazing to hear and see your work and then being with the artist is a plus.

We had an amazing, interesting conversation and are definitely enlightened with what we discussed and at 26-years old, we think he’s been here before…LOL!!

EarHustle411 has to be completely honest when we say that Kenyon Dixon is the REAL DEAL!! He has the determination and drive to really do this thing called music to which so many have tried at his age and did not succeed or they did and the perils of everything that comes with the industry caused them to fall.

While Kenyon does not do just music he also give back to the community and through his philanthropic work, he and a partner established career based workshops called “THEE Master Class”.  These are classes that prepare aspiring creative individuals to know how to position themselves for opportunities. Kenyon and the co-founder of THEE Master Class made it a mission to not be like a lot of other people who have reached success and never reach back to show others how to actually obtain success.

Kenyon Dixon

Photo Credit: Tyshon Lowe

Kenyon and his co-founder felt like a lot of people gain leverage/status and never reach back out as far as showing people how to actually obtain that success. Their first workshop, held on November 8th was geared towards vocalists. They covered everything from professionalism and vocal health to the difference between singing background and singing/lead vocals plus gave them resources on where to find opportunities.  Now this is how you educate and give back!!

In Kenyon’s busy schedule, he has not skipped a beat when it comes to releasing his own music.  He does have 2 solo projects Higher Ground and Twenty Four available on iTunes and his most current solo project appropriately titled “SUPAFLY” scheduled for release mid December 2015.  If his current projects is a reflection of his previous solo projects…it will be a complete SMASH!!  We have space on the iPod ready and waiting.

EarHustle411 and the writing staff is in complete awe of the work ethic, sense of responsibility and willingness to serve and his overall persona as it relates to his work, his life and his morals.  In a time where young people are often scrutinized and cast aside, Kenyon Dixon is most certainly a welcomed refresher that there is still hope for young people to make a difference.  He is definitely doing that in every aspect of his travels in the entertainment industry.  He has taken complete ownership of his destiny and is not looking back.  We wish Kenyon Dixon all the best that this life has to offer and pray that he continues on the path that God laid out for him.

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