EarHustle411 Funny Bone [video]: “Mr. Security” By The Randalls & Co. HILARIOUS!!!

mr security

EarHustle411 went on the YouTube patrol again and came across the funniest skit.  A comedic husband and wife team named The Randalls & Co.  wanted to put a hilarious spin on what happens when you go through security.  Since the events of September 11, 2001, measures to keep people safe has been nothing short of a headache. We all know how we hate to go through security at the airport or some government building because the security could be just too much for the mind to bear.

Check out “Mr. Security” by The Randalls & Co. :

We are proud to post this hilarious bit under the EarHustle411 Funny Bone category because if you are not laughing at this something is wrong with your funny bone!!

Great Job to The Randalls & Co.  keep the laughs coming!!


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