EarHustle411 Exclusive: Tyrese Gibson Why This Musical Powerhouse Gives The World A Final “BLACK ROSE”


Tyrese (photo credit Tyrese’s Facebook Page)

EarHustle411 had yet another wonderful and amazing opportunity to interview a man who is one of the BEST TO EVER DO IT!!  Musical powerhouse Tyrese Gibson granted EarHustle411 another intimate conversation with him and not only did he share his passion about the new album but also about the emphatically bogus differences in the music industry as it relates to exposure and mainstream radio .  EarHustle411 Media Correspondent Charrisse “Redd” Cannon spoke with Tyrese and got the low-down on why Tyrese is fed up with the music industry.

The R&B singer/songwriter/actor and inspiring talent graced the world with his chart topping #1 album entitled “BLACK ROSE” all while getting LITTLE to NO airplay from mainstream radio, however he still managed to top the Billboard 200 charts, became #1 on 9 other charts around the world. This R&B sensation is on “FIRE” and the album is pure perfection.

Black Rose features the hit song “Shame” featuring the impeccable voice of Jennifer Hudson which allowed Tyrese to “lay” it all on the line and bring back a vintage sound that invokes love, real emotions and intimacy. Tyrese was on a mission with this album we know that because he set out to show the world what was missing in this thing called the music industry.  Just as the fans of R&B scramble to find good music on their radio dials,  “BLACK ROSE” delivers, and proves once again R&B reigns supreme, so why is it NOT on radio stations other than urban radio stations.

Tyrese is known for being very passionate about his work and is quite out spoken, when it comes to “fairness” in the music industry.  He asked the open question why?  Not to toot his own horn, however Beep, Beep!! His number one hit “SHAME” is not being played on all the mainstream stations? Why is that?

Tyrese breaks it down for EarHustle411 as he brings to the light a very disturbing and deep-rooted practice in the music business:

TG: “When I have the #1 hit why can’t I get the same air time as let’s say a Sam Smith, Robin Thick or a Justin Timberlake?” When we hear R&B, if we love it, we play it, why can’t they do the same?  It doesn’t matter the race, sexual orientation, or gender.  I don’t create limits for myself, so I don’t want anyone putting limits on my creativity or on my work.   Good music is just that good music!!

When a Black artist makes a number one hit song, most likely it will only be played on Urban and the Gospel station, not allowing it to reach its full potential in sales. With that being said;  if the Backstreet Boys end up selling way more albums than Boys To Men then God bless you, but if they had the opportunity and Boys To Men didn’t, then that’s a problem.

Fairness and change is uncomfortable; music should have no limits and we (meaning Black Artists) deserve the opportunity to have our gifts and our talents put on as many radars as possible. When albums come along like “BLACK ROSE” and songs like Shame are restoring the fans faith in real music with true vocals, the use of real instruments and topping charts around the world.  It deserves to be heard.

Shame The Soundtrack

Shame The Soundtrack

Tyrese expressed why he didn’t hold back anything this time and went hard on this album. His work ethic is so strong as he puts it;  he grinds like a man who only has one dollar in his pocket and never allows pride or his ego get in the way of his focus.

Mr. Gibson is extremely vocal about how the industry treats artists and their music because he believes that when you make number one song like Shame everyone should get to hear it. He’s not making the music for himself;  it’s for the people who love music. He says that music is for everyone and that’s why he asked Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran of Z-100 why they won’t play shame; It’s the number one song in the country.

black rose

#1 Album in 15 Counties!! #BlackRose

TG:  Nobody is going to work on an album that no one wants to hear. So, I’m coming to the table with the #1 song. I think we all want to know why you won’t play SHAME ?

EH411: As great R&B hits like this fail to get major airplay and although Shame is a #1 hit on the Billboard charts, do you think that R&B is in grave danger of falling off the musical landscape all together?  

TG: R&B is always going to be around.  There is always going to be a fan base. The question is how can we get in front of all these variables that’s stopping R&B from getting to the levels it use to be as far as a genre.  Although BLACK ROSE has bought R&B back into focus for many fans across the globe.  But still made me question state of R&B, How did we lose our way and how did w.e get here in the first place? Some believe the only time you hear a good R&B song is if it bounces off of a Rap song….. 

EH411: Do you feel that R&B is being devoured by Hip-hop? The question generated serious response he sent out open an call to action, an SOS if you will for two major R&B superstars.  He also asked his fellow R&B artist a few hard-hitting questions.

TG: I don’t mind all the success around Hip-hop. When I talk about having 15 rappers on one album, it’s not because I have a problem with hip-hop. I mean I rhyme, I’m “Black Ty“.  I have been rhyming long before I’ve been singing, so it’s not that.  It’s more so saying you know asking the soldiers out there can you do a full R&B album, whats wrong, whats going on?  Lets just get back to the basics, so what are you? a fan? or are you putting all these Rappers on your album out of  an insecure impulse? It’s a very big difference.  I didn’t make love to Hip-hop, I did not make my daughter playing Hip-hop. I’m sorry, but at the end of the day most of these kids were made off “slow joints” period.  So I’m just asking can we get back to the formula that doesn’t include “insecure impulses”.   Name dropping, I got this producer and such and such is featured on my album.  Marvin Gaye never talked about who was the producer on his album or who’s featured on his album, Whats Going On, It’s Marvin Gaye; it’s a Marvin Gaye album period.  What are you talking about you have to name drop, talking about produce by featuring…..would you shut up man!!  Then when you go see these singers, they do one verse because they have 8 other people featured on that joint. when you come see me in concert doing Black Rose, it will be ME doing Black Rose.

tyrese gibson

TG: I don’t mind collaborations, I’m not against it,  I even have Snoop on my album but that’s “Jodi” featuring “Rodney”.  At the end of the day I don’t want 15 rappers on it.  I think its time for us to get back to the basics and move towards a place of confidence.  There’s nothing wrong with collaborations….. nothing all. So he made a plea for another Confessions- Usher, need another 12 play- R Kelly.  THIS WAS THE CALL TO ACTION!! Bring back R&B; BLACK ROSE is leading the charge all aboard.

EH411: Why did you choose Black Rose to be your last solo album? 

TGSimply put,  I have 50/50 custody of my daughter I can’t be running around chasing an R&B career.  I will continue to fight for R&B.  Music knows no color it crosses all boundaries, music is for everyone. Music should not have limits period.  

Clearly Tyrese is feeling some kind of way about the music industry and he is NOT shy with speaking up about the “racial divide” in the music industry.  We wholeheartedly agree music has no color and unfortunately we as humans put a label on everything even when it’s not necessary to do so.

Earhustle411 wishes Tyrese Gibson all the best and we thank you for BLACK ROSE just beautiful music.

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