EarHustle411 Exclusive: Chats With Reality Star April Daniels About Her “Rock Out With Me” Campaign & Tour

EarHustle411 is always so grateful and excited when we get an opportunity to bring to our viewers something that will encourage, empower and excite everyone.  Today we interviewed April Daniels of the Tamar and Vince Reality TV Show on We TV .  She has  made a conscious choice to take her status as a celebrity and step out on faith to create a program where women can be inspired and to be transparent as they get to the root of issues that may have them bound and shackled up to the point that they feel like they cannot ever be moved or shaken loose from what binds then.

april daniels

Women are the greatest beings ever created and April Daniels’ goal is to empower women to unite and move forward together as one. She spoke with EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent “SunShyne” candidly about her venture titled the “Rock Out With Me” Campaign.  The event is scheduled to go on tour to various places in an effort to bring women together on one accord for progress and change within themselves.

Check out a video of the tour in Atlanta and our conversation:

EH411: Hi April How are you, I am SunShyne from EarHustle411, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend just a few minutes with us, we most certainly appreciate it.

April Daniels: Oh no the pleasure is all mine, thank you for having me

EH411:  We know you’ve got a busy day ahead of you and don’t want to prolong the time so let’s just get right to it. Tell us about your project the Rock Out With Me Campaign.

AD: Basically It is a campaign that I came up with where the sole purpose to unite women, today we are in a society where there’s so many toxins surrounding women and positive supporting relationships. So I figured I’d take my experience and turn it into a positive result by spearheading this campaign and hoping to just reach a large population that is wanting this, and want to receive it and be a part of it and spread awareness. This is my baby.


EH411:  That is so awesome!! With your ROWM campaign what was some of the inspirations behind it and How it came about?

AD:  Ok basically when I started the Tamar and Vince Show, actually I was so excited to meet women in the similar industry and connect, you know I’m a girl girl…I just love women. I think you we should all get along If I had my way. There was a period, I got so much hate and so much I don’t know;  you know women when they are not secure in their situation they feel like the next chick will come along and snatch it. I get but it but at a time when I was looking forward to connecting with other women, it turned out to be a flop of an experience. So something needs to be done about it, not that I can change the world all by myself. I know it takes one person and with one comes many and hopefully changes can be made.

EH411:  Well April we can definitely appreciate that and with EarHustle411 just a little bit about us. We are 5 women and what’s interesting is EarHustle411 is not even 2 years old yet. We are very excited and blessed, God has been very good to us, doors have been opened and we’ve been able to do so many different things. We are grateful for every opportunity. This I why we are grateful for you taking time out and this is why we are so geeked about your campaign.

AD:  I LOVE IT!! That is so awesome, so thank you and I love that it’s 5 women over there running EarHustle411.

EH411:  Tell us a little bit about your role on the Tamar and Vince role on the show on the WE TV network?

AD:  Well you know my husband of Vince, I knew both of them but the friendship started through our husbands. They invited us to be a part of the show. We were a bit reluctant at first, I think maybe about the fourth time they asked us, we were finally like Okay! But neither one of us wanted to be TV stars, reality stars or any of that. Clearly my husband he is successful in his own right it was different for us. We were there as supportive friend and we are still there as supportive friends it was just different it really was. The first season was kind of like watching me and paint dry at the same time because I had to get used to the transition. Once I did it I was like you know I can be myself but at the end of the day you are in control of what you put out there. Some people want to blame editing, production, producers but if you don’t act a fool they can’t take anything to make you look like a fool

It’s a good time when we tape, we get to be ourselves and we have a load of fun when we are with one another. It’s just like being over their house under normal circumstances except there’s a camera watching us.

EH411:  We see that you are about to go on tour with ROWM, tell us about your tour.

AD:  Yes we started out as something small in Beverly Hills, that I wanted to do as an invite only. It actually ended up being received well from a lot of people. I initially kicked off the ROWM campaign in Beverly Hills and once we saw the response; it was like we would be fools not to take it on the road. You know we wanted to share the love, share the awareness. So from the demand we got from the different cities that we selected, we went with those initially first. The objective is to cover a number of cities, we don’t want to keep it with the same 5 cities. We’re starting out with the ones that showed us the most love and we are looking to continue the campaign even after we conclude the 5th city

EH411:  Well we see you coming to our town…Chicago. Are you excited about coming to Chicago?

AD: I am really and truly excited to come to chicago, I’ve been there before but it was for business and I didn’t get to see the city. I went literally from the airport, the hotel, the set and then back in the car. So I am excited that I am coming back and I’m able to do a little bit more because I hear that Chicago is an awesome place to go. I’m really looking forward to it.

EH411:  We can’t wait for you to come here. Chicago is a great town and we have our troubles right now and that’s ok. Every major city is having a problem so it’s not just ours.

AD: I was just about to say that, listen everybody has a trouble spot. It is what it is and it shouldn’t keep people away. The only way you see change is when you see people try to embrace it and you know try to make change. Nothing will change if everybody runs from it. I’m honored to bring my event to Chicago, to show the love and to invite the women out so they can Rock Out With Me with me on the 13th of June.


EH411:  With this tour and you traveling from place to place, what is your end result or your end goal that you want to see achieved?

AD: With the outcome I received from Atlanta, it was overwhelming. If I could get that across the board with the masses it would be incredible. I want people to know that where they are is not where they’re going nor is the end. If you want more, you’ll get more but you have to do your part. In sharing our journeys, our testimonies, our ups and downs and just making ourselves as transparent as we possibly can in hopes it will inspire the next person to do better or to get rid of some of the things that are toxic that may be holding them back. I think that will please me enough. I can’t say how overall it will affect everyone but I would love to see from it more unity more love more respect from women as a whole. I am an advocate of girl power and I think if women give each other a change before we prejudge, before we want to dump our hurts on to the next woman, you know we can do powerful things. It’s just getting to get people to go beyond their comfort zone and the situations that have them trapped and the things and ways they behave is the obstacle. With this event I m hoping it will break those barriers or change corroded behaviors and to encourage women to be the best they can be even for the next woman.

EH411:  I totally understand and agree

AD:  Listen we need each other, don’t nobody understand us better than us. Sp why not unite, why not put our powers together because you know women have superpowers. So we just need to out them all together and run the world.

EH411:  I hear you we run the world the anyway, we do what we do so our “man” can shine but we know the women actually run it anyway.

AD: LOL…Absolutely!! You heard hear first


EH411:  What are some of your other projects you have going on?

AD:  This whole ROWM campaign is not just going to be limited to just women. After the women my husband and I are going to be rocking it out with other couples. We are advocates of marriage and love, let me tell you me and my husband were getting divorced every other day. So we know what’s it’s like to go through the trenches. Everybody has to find their happy medium and so our journey we are willing share and hope to inspire and break that number of divorce rates that is going sky-high these days. It’s like stay married. After that we are going to a kids campaign because we do have kids.

EH411:  I was going to definitely ask you that if you were going to take this campaign and reach out to our children because essentially they are going to take over where we leave off and they must have that foundation.

AD: I couldn’t agree with you more

EH411:  How many kids do you have?

AD:  I have 3 boys, we both had a son prior to us getting together so we have two 19 year olds and  together we have 1 son we and he’s 9 going on 99.

EH411:  Oh my heavens!! You are so outnumbered in your house

AD:   Yes but I am the only queen here so I love it!!

EH411:  Let me ask you this when it comes to raising boys, I know this is off topic but as their mother what do you instill in your boys that you would want to see them go out into the world and do?

AD:  It’s crazy we are living in a time now where it’s just, If I had to bet the ranch on it I would have lost everything because you would like to think that our history repaired a lot of what’s going on. But it seems like we haven’t made much progress since then and it’s pretty much sugar-coated and covered up to make us think we thought we did. So raising boys is very important to me that they know how to move in this world that we are in. The smallest thing that could be innocent, you don’t even think that it could cost you your life. So now I’m finding now we have to talk about things that we never thought we would have to talk to our sons about. Unfortunately we are losing lives everyday and it’s predominately our young black men. So raising 3 young black men, we have to have real life conversations about how do you respond to when you are being pulled over by the police? How do you respond when you’re walking down the street and it may be cole and you want to put your hoodie on? It’s a lot of different issues that we have to address and with that I don’t want them to grow up scared because I don’t think any of us should have to because what’s going on around us still makes a lot of us scared. I want them to be sure of themselves, I want them to want more in life and not feel like they are limited to stay in a box society said they should. I want them to know they are just as strong, just as intelligent and just as worthy as the next person for whatever it is they want to achieve in life.

I want them to be self-sufficient, and not to rely on a woman or anybody else for anything. When they get into women, I want then to know if that’s what you want..that’s what you want. A lot of people have made the mistake of not raising men correctly to where they need a woman to fill the void. So we have to make sure our sons are equipped with everything they need and more. And that we give them a good head start. It’s up to us to prepare them for whatever it is in life that they want to do.

EH411:  I agree!!! So it does start at home?

AD:   Yes it does start at home!! I can’t rely on society to raise our sons, society wants to kill our sons. I can’t allow it to raise them and it definitely starts at home. You know you have to be more involved today than ever. We can’t have social media and the nonsense in the streets to raise our children…we can’t.


EH411:  I agree with you. Let me ask you this what would you say to our girls you feel like they have to take their clothes off or run with the guys to be accepted?

AD:   I think its very important for girl to have someone they can identify with more so than boys. To the young girl growing up if there’s any concerns or any curiosity make sure they are getting the information from a place that they know they can trust. They look to social media or they look to what’s on TV or they look to where the other young people are getting their information from and then they are often misguided. First of all love the skin you’re in. If you don’t love you, won’t nobody else love you. I don’t care how many guys you run around with, I don’t care who you feel like it is you want to be like, you have to be happy with yourself and who you are.

I have God-daughters and I always tell them, spend time with you. Never mind the clique, never mind being at the “in” spot doing the “in” stuff with the “in” people, focus on you so that you know who you are because it’s only when you’re unsure and you doubt and get yourself into some foolishness. When you know and you can stand confidently on who you are, you avoid a lot of the foolishness. It still comes your way but not so much because your foundation is set.

EH411:  Tell our EarHustle411 family about where they can get more information about the ROWM Tour

AD:  I sure can, you guys can log onto my website at www.rockoutwithme.com the site gives you information on upcoming events, you can actually purchase tickets for the brunch and pampering suite on June 13th I Chicago. It tells you a little bit more about the campaign, where it came from, its purpose and where we’re going.


EH411:  Last question, I promise, I am looking at your April and Lashawn website and I see some attire on here that is a must have. Tell us about the website

AD: Shop April and Lashawn so ladies can get your ROWM shirts and there’s some for men no discrimination there…LOL!

EH411:  We are so excited about Black Hollywood Live as well

AD:   YES!! Thank you

EH411:  What’s going on with that?

AD:   basically me and 2 of my good girl friends, Sheree Fletcher formally married to Will Smith and Diane Valentine a celebrity event and wedding planner. We’ve been friends for quite some time and we would always get together, so we were like why don’t we get a camera in on this thing and just share some of the topics we discuss. So just saying it’s Friday nights with your girlfriends in your head. We always encourage women and it not always women we do have some male viewers, so it’s get your girlfriends together, Sheree always have some kind of cocktail of the week and just join in on our conversation. It’s raw conversation, it’s uncut but classy not edited, the real. We address the topics and say the things that people have in their heads but don’t want to say. So I encourage everybody to check us out on Fridays at 7pm Pacific time and you can go on YouTube Black Hollywood Live and the name of the show is Just Thanks.

EH411:  Tell our fans how they can reach you on social media

AD: Yes I am April Daniels across the board and on Facebook it’s April and Lashawn, Make sure you guys connect with me. I’d love to hear from you, I do respond to my viewers, my followers. I love you guys so stay connected!!


EH411:  Well April Daniels thank you on behalf of EarHustle411 for taking so much time to spend with us. We are so excited and we can’t wait to get this write-up done and push what’s going on with Rock Out With Me. Thank you so much for being that woman to step out on faith and reach back and grab another woman and hopefully that woman will grab another woman and it will be a chain effect.

AD:   We want to make this thing contagious!!

EH411:  Contagious is a good thing when it’s positive.

AD:   Absolutely!!

EH411:  Thanks again for your time and allowing EarHustle411 tell your story about your product.

AD:   No Thank you, Thank you and have a good day!!

EH411:  You too!! Bye Bye!!

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