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Beautiful Black Woman Brought To Tears, She Says,” Black Men Don’t Want Her, They Only Want White Women”

Ear Hustle 411 came across a video of a beautiful brown skin black woman who had just left a Chris Brown Concert in which she expresses that not one black man would dance with her.

The young woman is not only gorgeous but has a banging body.  She feels somewhat defeated, rejected and alone. She cries as she expresses herself.  She said she was outside a nightclub where she decided to come out the house and dance. Chris Brown was performing so she went to the club.

She says it’s a theme where all the black men and African men glorify the white woman and show her no love.  She says they don’t love black women anymore or maybe just her.

She only wanted to come out and dance and have a really good time which she did but it’s just hurtful.

The young lady obviously doesn’t have self-esteem issues because she turns the camera on herself and says, “I am so cute, look at me.  I am so cute.

She then says she will go all the way to Toronto to see a new artist named Tekno which she just discovered and he happens to love black women.  She is hoping she can connect with someone in the audience.

The young woman then goes back to say there is no community because the black men run off and want to be in other social classes and other communities.

She admits, she dated outside her race but she is looking for a black man.


See video below:




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