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Earhustle411 Chicago Movers & Shakers: Meet Salon & Spa Owner Michelle Taylor

On June 29, 2014, Earhustle411 has the distinct pleasure of covering the opening of a new salon and day spa.  You say what’s so special about that?  It’s because the salon owner is an African-American woman who along with her husband had decided  “step out” on faith and do their own thing.

Earhustle411 family I’d like to introduce to you none other than Michelle Taylor, Owner of Ryan Jacob’s Salon & Day Spa located at 3236 S Harlem Ave in Riverside, IL.  I know Michelle through her husband Chicago’s Very Own (The Step Father) DJ Eric “ET” Taylor of V103 – WVAZ FM. 

Spa party 6

As I had a conversation with Michelle, I asked her what was her motivation to open her own salon.  She said:

“I have always wanted my own salon, as I have been a stylist for well over 25 years and I had always had a “reservation” about doing it”. 

Funny thing about this is Michelle’s husband Eric was the “push” she needed.  I asked him how he felt about the venture and he immediately said:

“it’s a hard thing to do, because after some personal trials in the family, the shop Michelle had been in for years just was not feasible for her to stay located there.  So we started our search for a new space.  We looked at a few places and actually had another one in mind and it didn’t pan out and the process was frustrating Michelle, so we got a call about the location 3236 S Harlem and the good thing about this location is it was already a salon.  So the internal work was very minimal.  We put in the bid and here we are!!!”

The salon was actually opened for about 3 weeks prior to the grand opening in June 29th.  Michelle laid out the red carpet for the guests.  She had a young lady from Design Essentials come in and do a “live” demonstration with the products and style a head of hair that was “natural”.

Ryan Jacobs Salon Edited-3

While the guest stylist was demonstrating, she was also explaining how the products worked on different types of hair.  There was quite a bit of discussion about whether the products will do certain things to the hair and she made it abundantly clear the products were made with all natural materials and would be beneficial on chemically treated hair as well as natural hair.  Take a look at the end result of the demonstration:

Ryan Jacobs Salon Edited-7

The Ryan Jacobs Salon Grand Opening also had several vendors there showcasing their products.  Everything from jewelry to vitamins to help you maintain a healthy head of hair.

Spa Party 1

spa party 4

Spa Party 5

Ryan Jacobs Salon Edited-15

I had blast at the grand opening and as I talked more with Michelle and Eric we all came to the very same conclusion that nothing is done by chance.  Everything is done is God’s timing.  Due to so many adversities with her mom being severely ill, she would not  have had the gumption to “step out” and be an owner herself.

Well that is neither here nor there because  Currently the salon has 3 active stylists (including Michelle) and they are all so very excited for her and are looking forward to bigger things coming from the salon.

Spa Party 7

Earhustle411 and the writing staff are so very proud of Michelle Taylor, a TRUE Chicago Mover and Shaker.  We celebrate with you on your major accomplishment and you faithfulness to be an entrepreneur.  We look forward to following your business and updating our readers with a one on one with you.

On a personal note, GIRL I AM SO PROUD OF YOU & I LOVE YOU DEARLY!!!!

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Checkout the salon website and follow them on social media

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