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EarHustle411 Cares: Community Radio Station WXRJ 94.9 FM Puts Out The Call For Help Keep Them On The Air

EarHustle411 came across a post on Facebook about a community oriented radio station that is in desperate need of assistance.  WXRJ 94.9 FM located in Bloomington, IL for the last 9 years has provided programming to the community from business content to community outreach to inspirational to self-help programming, music and so much more.

The station which is owned and operated by the Black Business Alliance and managed by Stanley Fleming the current President of the BBA is seeking donations to help keep WXRJ-FM on the air.


Photo Credit: Go Fund Me

For people who are not familiar with WXRJ-FM, this radio station does some awesome things in the community, they air the music that their audiences want to hear, they have programs like “Minding My Business” which is hosted by Bloomington resident Felicia Shaw and the station supports majority of the community activities happening around town.  While many people may not be able to hear the station on their physical dial, they are on the world-wide web so they can reach the masses right where they are.  The best part is the station staff are all volunteers, meaning they take time out of their lives to do what they do at the station.

WXRJ-FM gives many business, residents and service oriented outlets a platform to share their message with the community.  Now the station is asking the community for their help to keep this much needed staple alive.

WXRJ-FM CANNOT GO SILENT!!  Make a donation of $5 TODAY and help them reach their goal by clicking on the provided link below.



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