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EarHustle411 Black History Fact: Mike Carey: The First Black To Referee The Super Bowl

mike carey

While fans are still absorbing the epic Super Bowl XLIX showdown between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, a historic moment occurred just seven years ago during the NFL’s championship game. On this day in 2008, Mike Carey became the first Black referee to officiate the Super Bowl.

Carey, born in 1949, was a running back for Santa Clara University before he joined the NFL ranks as a referee in 1990. In a 2008 ESPN poll, Carey was tied in voting for “best referee” among NFL head coaches along with fellow veteran, Ed Hochuli. Carey, known for not backing down from players upset with his calls, has also ejected the most players during his time in the stripes.

Carey’s big moment came during Super Bowl XLII, a tight contest between the victorious New York Giants and the New England Patriots. In the fourth quarter, Carey’s officiating may have saved the game for the Giants after he didn’t call a play dead when it appeared quarterback Eli Manning was nearly sacked by Patriot defenders.

Although Carey caught some flack for the call, he stood by his guns and the NFL did as well. After 23 years of officiating, Carey retired his stripes and moved to the television studio as an analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network. Carey’s beat is the inner workings of NFL officiating and rules, naturally.

Carey is also an inventor and entrepreneur. His invention, Cat Tracks, is one of his many ski apparel devices he’s invented or improved upon.

Source: Black America Web

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