EarHustle411 Affiliate Timothy Talks With Brandon Smith After He’s Denied Entry To The Chicago Police Headquarters Press Conference

EarHustle411 recently posted a story about the freelance journalist Brandon Smith’s denial of access into the press conference held by the Chicago Police Department prior to the release of the disturbing video of Laquan McDonald being shot down by former CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke.

Timothy an EarHustle411 affiliate correspondent caught up with Brandon Smith outside of the police headquarters right after he was denied access and had a brief conversation with him.


Photo Credit: EarHustle411


Take a look:

Also as a result of Brandon Smith’s efforts to get he McDonald footage released one mother whose son was killed by the Chicago Police has never had her day in court and the footage of her son’s murder was never released.  There has been a petition circulating gathering signatures to get the footage released.

EarHustle411 wants to thank our affiliate correspondent Timothy and freelance journalist Brandon Smith for taking a moment to share his story and experience.  We appreciate them both for allowing EarHustle411 the exclusive. We will keep updating everyone as more information becomes available.

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