Chicago’s Windy City Live Host Val Warner Talks With Murder Victim Tyshawn Lee’s Mother Karla Lee

Chicago is still feeling the sting, disappointment and grief of the senseless murder of 9-year old Tyshawn Lee.  Reports surrounding the murder and who’s responsible.  Tyshawn Lee’s mother Karla Lee also came under fire after reports surfaced that she utilized funds from the Go Fund Me set up to bury her son with was allegedly used for personal things.

Karla Lee

photo credit: ABC 7

She has not spoken very much since the unfortunate death of her son but in an exclusive interview on Chicago’s TV Show Windy City Live, Karla talked with the show’s host Val Warner in a candid, no holds barred, no question off limits interview.

Take a look at what Karla had to say:

Unless you have lost a child, no one will never know the pain a mother feels with such a loss and while it’s easy to pass judgement but often difficult to have real compassion.  We will keep Karla Lee in our prayers and she continues to get through this terrible ordeal and hopefully be receptive to getting some counseling to help her as well.

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Source: Windy City Live [Video]

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