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Ear Hustle 411- 2014 Hot list- Idris Elba Vs Morris Chestnut; Who’s the Hottest!!!!

Ladies, there is a debate brewing and Ear Hustle 411 has been asked to do a poll on who’s the hottest between Idris Elba and Morris Chestnut.  Now both of these fine specimen of a man are absolutely gorgeous.  Both of these men are equally talented and are easy on the eyes; not to mention they both have successful acting careers.

chestnut and elba


Chestnut first came to be recognized by moviegoers starring as Ricky in Boyz n the Hood in 1991, a role where he played a high school running back using football to escape the violent surrounding of his south central Los Angeles neighborhood.  The ladies fell in love at first sight.



Idris Elba is an English television, theater and film actor who was born an only child, grew up in London.  His father is from Sierra Leone.  He began auditioning for television parts in his early twenties. He has starred in both British and American productions. One of his first acting roles was in the UK soap opera Family Affairs (1997). His breakthrough role came when he landed a starring role on the U.S. TV show The Wire (2002).  The ladies watched just to see him.



Ladies chime in and let us know are you team Idris Elba or Morris Chestnut, Ear Hustle 411 wants you to pick who is the sexiest man alive for 2014

Both men have been Ear Hustle 411 Approved.

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1 Comment

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