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“A Taste Of Theater” An Extraordinary Event Where Amateur Actors & Actresses Cold Read With The Professionals

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Chicago On October 10, 2015 Ear Hustle 411 experienced an outstanding event called “A Taste of Theater” at the Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy which Featured Tommy Ford (Martin) and Cynda Williams (Mo Betta Blues).

A "Taste Of Theater" An Extraordinary Event Where Amateur Actors & Actresses Read With The Professionals

The two-day event is filled with extremely talented playwrights who competed by showcasing scenes from one of their movies.  A trailer is shown to the audience of each competitor which is viewed and judged by the audience who then rates the performance on a scale base and the scores are then tallied.

This elaborate event was created by none other Victor Gulley and hosted by the incredible Pierre A. Evans. (Soul Train Writer) who kept the audience entertained from beginning to end.

Victor and Pierre

This event brings together amateur actors and actresses  from across the nation who were paired with professional thespians Tommy Ford, Cynda Williams or Antoine McKay who are all critically acclaimed celebrities.  They are also given a script where they do a cold read and are judged based on their ability to connect with the character that was assigned to them and engage the audience by making them feel the character is real.

There was a special performance by Blaq Ice  (poet)  and Muzic Fuzion Factory as well as many more.

Additionally there were some other notables that added a special touch to an already fantastic event such as Broadway Playwright Lydia Diamond, Grant Writer Elayne Letraunik and Antoine McKay (Empire).

A "Taste Of Theater" An Extraordinary Event Where Amateur Actors & Actresses Cold Read With The Professionals

The organizers of this spectacular event were wonderful hosts and treated the staff of Ear Hustle 411 like we were part of the team.  They made sure our team was well taken care of.

There were also some fantastic vendors who displayed many different things such as jewelery, African-American Greeting Cards, Body Salts and different oils as well as authors.

The Judges were: Shyanee “Shyfox” Manson and Taste of Theater 2014 Winner Sabrina Perrin.

The winner of the Taste Of Theater 2015 was Jackie Chambers from St. Louis Missouri who’s play took our breath away. the two young ladies that she cast to play her roles were incredibly amazing.

winner with 2 girls

All the other playwrights did a fantastic job as well and we take our hats off to them because they put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

taste writers 1

EarHustle411 congratulates the many playwrights with whom many traveled from afar to attend this phenomenal event:

Jano Fuentes ~ Guadalajara, Mexico,            Gevell Wagner ~ Chicago, IL

Jakowski Wright ~ Greenville SC,                   Lorie Harris- Jones ~ Chicago, IL

Cynthia Hardeman ~ Kansas City, MO,          Felencia Terrell ~ Chicago, IL

Tracey J ~ Wilmington, NC,                               Larita Smith ~ Chicago, IL

Cedrick Florence ~ Gary,OH                              Alvin Daniels ~ Chicago, IL

Deitra Wilson ~ Baltimore, MD                         Berrylane Lynch ~ Zion, IL

Jackie Chambers ~ St.Louis, MO









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