Donald Trump’s Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party

Donald Trump’s Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party

There are a lot of people who flat out hate Donald Trump but I want to slow the cameras down just a little bit to show you why the Republican old guard is pissed right now. Donald Trump is pulling off one of the greatest take overs in the history of politics…that’s right….what the media is not telling you is that Donald Trump is pulling a “Hostile Takeover” of the Republican Party.

 I don’t think that this has ever happened in the history of Politics in the United States!  Now I want you to consider the genius of this guy, the same techniques that Trump has used in the past to takeover failing corporations is the same technique that he is using against the Republican Party.

 Let me borrow your mind for one moment to show you how this works, visualize this; You look out into the corporate landscape for businesses that are making money but the owner is young and does not quite get the concept of ownership shares, so you approach him with an investment scheme, where you give him X amount of dollars for controlling interest in his business. The young business man is thinking in the moment and takes the investment capital but at the same time he gives away his controlling interest in his company, this is a hostile takeover with a smiley face. This is the quickest way to grow a business, some you gut and some you let live, depending on what your balance sheet and Income Statement needs are. This is the Shark Tank formula for growing an economic juggernaut and it is happening in front of your eyes every day.

The banks are running the same scam when they foreclose on a homeowner’s property, the homeowner builds the equity in the home through his mortgage payments and when the bank forecloses (hostile takeover) on the property the equity in the home becomes the banks upon seizure.

 No matter how you look at this it is still a hostile takeover, let’s look at this from the street level; the guys on the block (Group A) are getting rich selling drugs so another group of guys (group B) invite them to a sit down and tell them that if they merge together that they can make twice the money. There are a few savvy guys in group A who know that this is a hostile takeover with a smiley face and want no part of it, so what does group B do? Group B comes on the block everyday shooting up the dope spot…..this is a hostile takeover at the street level. What about the Church, is it excluded from the concept of a hostile takeover?

 No it is not, in fact some preachers have this same grimy mindset, some of them travel around in packs going from Church to Church looking for a Congregation that has a weak or sickly Pastor and they go in and take it over…….creepy right? What about at the relationship level? What do you think adultery is?  It is a man walking through your community as a roaring lion and when he sees a beautiful woman with a fragile man he will entice the woman to be his and hell will probably end up moving into the former husband’s home, driving his car and even having his children call the new man daddy….think about it!

This is the genius of Donald Trump, he has pulled off one of the greatest takeovers ever seen in this generation, he is not doing it to a corporation, he is doing it to an Party that has been around since the days Abraham Lincoln. He is using tried and tested principles used to take over Corporations and are implementing them against the good old boys, the Republican Party. The elite that read the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal know what this is but it’s kind of strange that not one News outlet has made this connection……only Ear Hustle 411….that’s right you heard it here first.

 I am not a Donald Trump fan and never have been but you have to recognize a great chess player when you see one and right now Donald has just Checked the Republican Party, the next move will be Mate.

In desperate situations the one way to stave off a mate in Chess is to sacrifice your Queen but I don’t see a Queen on the board for the Republican Party…do you? This is the Scribe signing off!


  Written by:  The Scribe  

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