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There is nothing polite about the politics in America and the Republicans have demonstrated that to the entire planet in this Presidential primary. I thought that I had seen ugly politics being from Chicago until the little man (Marco Rubio) uttered “Donald Trump has small hands”. The political landscape is like a magician doing a magic trick, it is truly the sleight of hand, the problem is that the politicians are not using cards, they are using WORDS! Why is Donald Trump suddenly being compared to Hitler?

It is because the Republican elite’s hatred for Donald Trump exceeds their hatred for Obama. I want you to open your eyes to see how the establishment is using the news media to steer the minds of their FELLOW AMERICANS. The establishment is pouring money into media outlets that they know the American people will be watching…..watch and learn…..the establishment has just tipped its hand. The Republican elite have just shown us a few of the media outlets and people that they control; SNL, LOUIS C.K, BILL MAHER and the HUFFINGTON POST. All of these people and outlets have compared a fellow American as being Hitlerish… I made that word up….which is ridiculous.

The reason that they are calling Trump Hitler is because of the Florida primaries, European Jews flock to Florida because of the climate and the fact that there is no income tax in the State! Marco Rubio is being embarrassed in the primaries, he underestimated the intelligence of this current generation, Rubio and the Republican elite are on the opposite side of the new Republican consciousness. What do you do when you are having your hat handed to you…..you play the subliminal Hitler Card, you don’t play the Hitler card in Michigan or in the South….you play the Hitler card in Florida where the European Jews with the money live. These people are so desperate to win the State of Florida that they are preying on the minds of the elderly Jews with the Hitler Trump connection, which in my opinion is grimy.

Every human being on this planet is entitled to their own opinion and it is of great value but what we are seeing in this Presidential primary is the steering of the human opinion through the use of the Social Media. In their utter contempt for Trump they have exposed their real power, the ability to steer the human mind through the use of social media.

I have come to realize that the real issue in these primaries is not the Trump wall, the deportation of illegal’s, not Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, not Rude Rubio or even making America great again….. It appears that the real issue is man’s free will. When you take free will from the people you turn the entire population into robots. This was made plain when Mitt Romney tried to steer the Republican vote when he denounced Trump. You see Trump is a free white man….I said it….there are free blacks and whites in this country and the powers that be know this. They have citizenship in multiple Countries, they don’t dance to anyone’s music, they don’t bend their back, they say what they mean, they live where they like and they do what they want to do. The people (Politicians) who make robots hate the free thinkers of this world. Now if they hate Donald Trump for being a free thinking white man…..how do you think they view the free thinking Negro?

The purpose of my pieces is to get you to think outside the box….to actually think for yourself……this is what the establishment fears more than they fear Trump. They are afraid that the America people will one day put aside their racial differences, consolidate their votes and form an independent party that will make the two dinosaurs (Republican Party and Democratic Party) obsolete. The Democrats fear that Trump is teaching the masses to be free…to think for themselves….to know that it is okay not to go along with the status quo…especially Hillary Clinton who joked that Palestine is an open prison….wonder what she truly thinks about the poor in the ghettos of America. Bernie Sanders is spewing the same party line education, poverty, guns nothing new….they are all on the same page.

Is it okay for a white supremacist to have an ideology that is pro white…yes…is it okay for black Muslims to have an ideology that is pro black….yes….is it okay for whites to want to live in an all white community…..yes…..is it okay for blacks to want to desire to build and govern their own country…yes. We are supposed to hate Donald Trump because the media says so, we are supposed to hate White people who love their race because the media says so and we are supposed to hate blacks who love their race because the media says so.  I have written to you all that was on my heart and thus I take my leave until next time…..the Scribe!


Written by:  The Scribe


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