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Donald Trump Just Tweeted That Animals Representing Hillary Clinton Firebombed Their Office In Orange County

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Donald Trump seems to play the blame game very well by blaming others for a multitude of things, but maybe what he’s saying has merit. However, blaming someone for firebombing your office without proof is a very dangerous slope to tread on considering the violence associated with this election which has clearly gone to the dogs.

America has two candidates with multiple issues that Americans are having a difficult time trying to figure out which of the lesser  two evils will be the best candidate.

Hillary first tweeted, “The attack on the Orange County Headquarters was horrific and unacceptable and she is very grateful that everyone is safe.”

Trump then tweets, “Animals Representing Hillary Clinton and Dems in north Carolina Just firebombed our office in Orange County because we are winning.”

Donald Trump who has recently been hit with a slew of sexual assault and harassment charges still has his supporters defending him to no end and Hillary who is accused of so many lies, theft and various accusations that she caused several people their lives also has her supporters holding her up., no one knows what is the truth anymore.

Just make sure on November 8, 2016 you are at the poll booth casting your votes. May the best man or woman win!!!

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