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The Dear White People Teaser Has Already Got Netflix Subscribers In A Tizzy

Well it looks like Netflix has done it again with one it its original series. Some can hardly wait for it to begin while others are appalled and are cancelling services.  There was some discord and uneasiness when Luke Cage was released and folks act like there could not be a black superhero, been there and moved on!  This latest Netflix Original Series “Dear White People” has not even begun yet and folks got their panties all in a bunch because the teaser is speaking a truth that no one wants to hear.  Check it out:

The series was based on a film created in 2014 and it’s apparent some people are screaming racism.  With the many film produced that disparages the very existence of black people and it’s swept under the rug like a lump of hideous dust. This series will be an interesting one to watch as long as Netflix doesn’t succumb to the pressure and start crying about the cancellations.

What do people have to say about art imitating life now??  How about just get over it!!

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