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One would think with the vast amount of independent female rappers coming out of Chicago that they would be opening doors for the next up and coming artist but according to CupcakKe that is not the case. With only a year and a half of consistency within the game CupcakKe has managed to pave her own way as the name is becoming more and more of a trend each day.

With a motivation blended up with money and struggles she has chosen to take a straight forward approach within the industry; self-entitling herself as a “Goal Digger”. This approach of hers so forwarding that when she heard her name within a diss record from fellow Chicago emcee Sasha Go Hard she immediately responded with her own diss record. With a crime wave intense enough to rename the city Chiraq, after the violence in Iraq should such even be entertained? When asked do you think this between you and Sasha will add to the violence, CupcakKe replies, “yes if she wants to take it there we can”. CupcakKe lets it be known that she is only finishing what Sasha started, implying that she did not initiate anything; which may be right due to Sasha being the first to release a shot.

Truth be told CupcakKe says that she had a buzz long before Sasha had ever been recognized and that is where the hatred may have stemmed from. Passing the notion that Sasha wanted that spotlight, even getting a cupcake tatted on her arm in representation of the emcee.


Sasha Go Hard


Before Sasha was able to obtain a global fan base and maybe even before she was known she worked in a bicycle shop, where CupcakKe suggests that due to a  single visit the situation may have escalated. CupcakKe suggests that within the beginning stages of her careers exposure Sasha began to get a bit cocky with her surroundings and as a direct result some crosses may have been thrown; reasoning why CupcakKe was even in the shop. The emcee states that upon leaving the shop that everything was supposedly cool between her and Sasha until tweets began to surface calling CupcakKe out of her name; apparently there was something more.

CupcakKe made a decision to ignore what she had already thought was nothing. It was not until a couple months after when Sasha Go Hard or Sash No Bars, as CupcakKe calls her released the diss record “Bad Bitch on Deck”. CupcakKe insults Sasha for even waiting so long and claiming that she may even be obsessed, as her name may have even derived from Sasha Fierce; a makeshift character? CupcakKe is now under the impression that the emcee got her whole style from her, taking time and study and emulate her even… 


 “In all this has done nothing more than spark my rap interest and everyone should get ready for real lyrics”, CupcakKe… 

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