A Classy Father & Son Act: R& B Artist Brian Mcknight & Sons Gives His Fans A Harmonious Treat

It does not have to be Father’s Day to truly celebrate the fathers of this world.  I get so excited when I see fathers interacting positively with their children especially their sons.  A boy grows to be a young man and a young man grows to be a man and the formative years are the most important years of a growing boy’s life.  It is the time when outside influences are great and if the father is not there to help steer the child in the right direction, who knows where that child will end up.

Don’t get it twisted, all boys who have fathers in their lives are getting positive reinforcement but that is another post.  It warms my heart to see young boys and young men on the receiving end of positivity and engaging with their fathers.  R&B Artist Brian McKnight is more than just a singer, once he had children he became a father who just happen to be a singer in my eyes.

Brian McKnight has been singing since he came out the womb crying and as talented as he is, I would not expect anything less from his offspring.

Check out Brian and his sons Brian Jr & Niko belting out the classic “After The Love Has Gone” by Earth, Wind & Fire:

While all fathers of this world are not singers like Brian McKnight but there’s always something that a father can do with his sons as they grow to becoming a man. Do things like teach him how to shave, tie a tie, how to treat a lady, be respectful, and instill in him to always look a person in the eye when talking to them. Last but not least teach them that hard word is important and a little “swear equity” in your future is not a bad thing.

So to those fathers that this post applies to, it’s not to late to be a positive role model to your boys or to a boy who could use some direction.

Check out more of Brian McKnight and his sons singing the National Anthem:

Source: YouTube


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