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Child mistakes used condom for balloon; tested for STDs


(WTTG) – A day at the playground takes an alarming turn for an 8-year old boy in Colorado.

The innocent boy reportedly picked up what he thought was a balloon – but was actually a used condom.

A teacher saw the 8-year-old with the condom in his mouth and quickly had him wash his hands and rinse his mouth.

But, the condom was thrown out before being tested, meaning the young boy will have to undergo frequent STD exams for the next year to make sure he didn’t catch any diseases.

“He’s at risk for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia,” said the child’s mother. “When she took the ‘balloon’ out of his mouth, it was a used condom.”

“That would be a lifelong process, millions of dollars in medical bills, I mean this is just an unbelievable tragedy,” she continued.

“I guess I’d leave that up to the liability insurance as far as what coverage we have,” said school superintendent Dennis Veal.

“They will not pay for it because it’s taxpayers money and I feel like I’m a taxpayer. So, I mean, this is my son and they failed to protect him,” mom continued.

While the school calls the incident quote “regrettable,” it does not think it’s at fault.

It will however, now be adding surveillance cameras to the property and increasing how often maintenance crews inspect the playgrounds.

Source: FOX

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