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NFL Lineman Cam Thomas Being Sued For Allegedly Giving Ex-Girlfriend Herpes


NFL Lineman Cam Thomas Being Sued For Allegedly Giving Ex-Girlfriend Herpes

Steelers’ new defensive lineman Cam Thomas is being sued for allegedly giving his ex-girlfriend herpes.

The woman named “Adrienne E.” claims she had unprotected sex on multiple occasion with Thomas in 2010, while he was playing with the San Diego Chargers.

Adrienne claims she noticed “puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh” and asked about them, but he explained they were the result of sweat buildup caused by his football gear.

In the docs, Adrienne says she also noticed “bruises and sores” on his penis back in March 2010 but again, he had an explanation … telling her “the sores on [the] penis came from getting it stuck in a zipper.”

Adrienne claims she was tested for STDs in December 2010 but the results showed she was clean. It wasn’t until February 2012 that she tested positive for genital herpes and she claims Thomas is the only person who could’ve passed along the disease.

In her suit, Adrienne also claims Thomas was physically abusive during their relationship. She’s suing for sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud through intentional concealment and negligence. She’s asking for unspecified damages.

Thomas’ lawyer says his client hasn’t confirmed whether or not he has herpes but he’s positive he did not give her the disease. As for the claims of physical abuse his lawyer says those allegations are also B.S. stating, “”This guy is like a gentle giant. He would never lay a hand on her.

At first I thought this “Adrienne” might be a gold digger. Why now, conveniently during training camp, would she come out with a lawsuit. But then I did a little research on this “gentle giant” and he’s no saint.

In fact, in 2011 a woman sought a restraining order against him for domestic violence. It was later thrown out per her request.

Then in 2012 he faced three child support cases, with two different baby mamas, within 8 months. One of the women decided not to go through with lawsuit, the other settled. Also, supposedly one of those women claimed he gave her herpes.

All I can say is Cam I suggest you “tackle” these allegations head on. Herpes is the gift that keeps on giving and these women don’t appear to like their gift. Another thing, Cam, you protect your top head with a helmet; why not protect your bottom one?! Strap one on and avoid STD and baby mama drama.

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