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Chicago’s Streets: Are They The New Killing Fields?

This past weekend has taken my patience for the violence that plagues Chicago to a new level of “pisstivity” (yes, I created a new word)!! This past weekend on one of the fairly nicest warm weather days of Spring, there were a total of 8 shootings to which 2 were killed; one being a 17-year-old girl.  To date there has been roughly 60+ shootings since January 1, 2014.  Is this a precedence to be set for the remaining months to come.


What is mind-boggling is how the statistics are calculated to get the numbers of the homicides.  I came across a website that actually gave interesting insight on the calculations. Check out the link and determine for yourself.


I will say one thing as a former resident of Chicago there’s nothing that could make me ever move back there, with relatives within the gang war stricken  walls of Chicago staying “prayed up” is a must.  Children are prisoners in their own homes, unable to go outside and play as children should be doing.  So where does the efforts to correct this issue begin.  School seats are empty, unemployment lines are long and jails are severely overcrowded.  So who is benefitting from the perils of the “human Armageddon” happening what is the residents supposed to do.  Gang activity in a major metropolitan city by today’s standards is normal and for those people who have to live there it’s most definitely abnormal and they have nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Our children have a right to grow up free from the dangers of this world. The streets are filled with the tears of those left behind from these unfortunate incidents taking the lives of friends and family.  The powers that “be” are not doing what they should nor are they handling Chicago business effectively.  The citizens of Chicago all need to rally together and take back the communities that have been overrun by gangs. Not just when a child in “your” neighborhood gets killed.  If the children are supposed to be our future, then the future does not look promising at all.


The people need to find it within themselves to report what’s going on and stand firm that they will not tolerate this farce of street “justice” any longer.  Parents should take back their homes and the house “cut up” needs to be dealt with appropriately.  Our children don’t  belong behind bars nor do they need to be put in the roles that are meant for adults.  Children have to get back to the innocence of being children.  I’m sure this all sounds like smoke and mirrors but the mirror unfortunately has a “bloody” reflection.  How much longer are we going to hear the cries of our children in the street, and what are we going to do to help them relive this numbness they feel?


Citizens need to demand that the crime prevention programs be brought back and there has to be some accountability for the people doing wrong and regardless if they are family members at the forefront of they chaos.   Get back to the business of “raising” our children and stop allowing the streets to raise them.  Be firm and bold in your approach but also compassionate with our children, show then that the ways of street justice has taken enough lives.  Vow to stand beside them for as long as it takes.

Lastly, put God back in our daily routines of doing things.  There’s still power in prayer and satan has taken over the minds of enough of our children.  They are still God’s children and if the adults can’t seem to get it right keep praying so that they can.  It’s too much stuff out there raising our kids and the streets are becoming the primary “parent”.  When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?

The time is has been now and it is still NOW!!



Source: Chicago Magazine

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