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Chicago’s Public Transportation System Put Passengers On Full Blast!!

CHICAGO — During tiresome commutes in the early morning and after a long day of work, many Chicagoans might have difficulty summoning the energy for a snarky one-liner like “Did your bag pay a fare too?”

Thankfully, a new Chicago Transit Authority “courtesy campaign” promises to throw shade at selfish riders on our behalf.

Signs will be popping up on CTA buses and trains this week that skewer common misbehaviors on public transit and encourage riders to be more conscientious.

Thirteen ads included in a CTA announcement early Wednesday took aim at riders who eat on trains and buses, loud cell phone-talkers, litterbugs and wannabe train DJs.

These offending behaviors were culled from the top complaints submitted to the transit agency on social media, via calls and emails and through observations by CTA personnel, according the CTA.

“The overwhelming majority of CTA customers are considerate of their fellow passengers,” said Graham Garfield, General Manager of Customer Information. “However, based on feedback we’ve received from passengers, we believe this public service campaign will help improve the transit experience by continuing the dialogue about courtesy among our customers.


“We hope it will encourage customers to think more about courteous behavior on CTA trains and buses.”

One insidious transit misbehavior won’t be directly targeted in this round of ads — though transit staff considered it.

The Chicago Tribune reports that “manspreading” isn’t included in the current campaign, but CTA spokesman Brian Steele said they hope riders will consider it included in the “general topic of taking up too much space.” Since December, Steele told the Trib the CTA has  received only two calls complaining about “manspreading” on trains or buses.

The CTA last ran a courtesy campaign in the early 2000s, according to a release.

Check out the full campaign below:

What do you think is the worst offense? Share your thoughts in our poll:

Source: DNAInfo

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