Chicago Rapper Chief Keef Arrested For DUI In Miami Beach

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Per Billboard, Chicago star Chief Keef was reportedly detained and later arrested for a DUI charge in Miami Beach on Saturday (April 8).

According to the Miami Herald, a police report stated that the 21-year-old rapper had “bloodshot, watery, droopy eyes” and “had a cup filled with a syrupy liquid,” referencing sizzurp, also known as lean.

The report says that police watched a passenger named Cortez McElrath jump out of the passenger side of Keef’s green two-door McLaren. While at a red light, McElrath was spotted handing over “a bag with a green leafy substance” to front-seat passenger Eddie Bryant, who was sitting inside of an Altima right behind Keef’s car.

Once he saw that officers were heading towards him, McElrath apparently tried running back into Keef’s vehicle. Cops stopped him, held him at Taser-point, and handcuffed him. During that same time, Keef was also held at Taser-point because he “was moving his hands around in the vehicle,” per another cop.

When more officers later arrived on the scene, the three remaining people in the Altima were detained. Cops searched the vehicle and found marijuana. Both Bryant and McElrath were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana.

Cops slapped Keef with a DUI charge after reportedly failing his sobriety test. Keef also reportedly told the officer that, “It’s OK, when you find weed in my urine, I’ll just get my attorney to get my marijuana card.” If you are charged with a DUI charge and you do not how to proceed, look for dui lawyer near me and you will find options close to your location that will be able to give you legal advise.

This isn’t the first time the embattled star has had trouble with the law. In January, Keef was arrested by the LAPD for armed robbery and home invasion of his former producer, Ramsay Tha Great.

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