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Chicago Man Arrested For Murder After Announcing He Filed A $15 Million Lawsuit Against Chicago Police

Dominiq Greer

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Soon after filing a $15 million dollar lawsuit against two cops and the city, a Chicago man was arrested for murder.

After being questioned by police in the early morning hours of July 4th, 2014, Dominiq Greer ran from police down an alley near 75th and Vincennes.

“I feared for my life ‘cuz I see Chicago police do things every day to people,” Greer said during a press conference Wednesday.

A security camera video shows Greer attempting to throw a gun on a roof and then falling. Moments later, his attorney says one of the officers shot him three times. Then when Greer got up, ran, and fell again, attorney Eugene Hollander says officers, “shot him four more times while he was immobile on the ground, bleeding out, striking him again in his right arm, left arm, chest and back.”

At the time, a police union spokesman said the gun discharged when Greer threw it. The Independent Police Review Authority agreed, and called the shooting justifiable because the officer thought he was being shot at.

Today, Greer filed a federal lawsuit against the two police officers and the city for $15 million. His attorney says he has permanent injuries and compares his experience to the Laquan Mcdonald shooting. Hollander also alleges that the officers in question specifically took out a police squad knowing that the dash cam video was in operable.

“The police can do whatever they want to do when they kill they are right back on the street doing whatever they can do,” Greer said. “When one black man kills another black man they got to go do time.”

As the press conference ended and Dominiq Greer walked outside, he was met by police officers who arrested him. According to a Chicago police spokesman, Greer is a suspect in the killing of a 22-year-old man in the Washington Park neighborhood on May 27.

Source: WGN TV

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