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Chicago Couple Miss Appearance On The Maury Show Because Of Fighting

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A Chicago couple, who traveled to Fairfield County to be on the “Maury Show,” was arrested by Norwalk Police late Tuesday night after engaging in a hotel room fight that began when the woman found out her boyfriend was sleeping with her mother, police said.

John Coley, 46, and Shantae McGhee-Brown, 25, were initially charged with disorderly conduct and third-degree criminal mischief. McGhee-Brown was additionally charged with interfering with an officer.


Both suspects were held overnight on $100,000 bond. They were arraigned Wednesday afternoon at Norwalk Superior Court. Judge William Wenzel released McGhee-Brown on a promise to appear in court and given a court date of April 30.

Addressing McGhee-Brown’s lack of ties to the area, public defender Christine Schwartzstein said McGhee-Brown was in town to “be on a local TV show, probably surrounding the nature of the arrest.”

Wenzel did not make a finding of probably cause on the criminal mischief charge against Coley. He now only faces a lone misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. Wenzel lowered Coley’s bond to $10,000. Coley was convicted of murder in 1998 and released from prison in January 2010, according to statements made in court. Wenzel set Coley’s bond without prejudice — meaning the defense can argue for a lower bond — pending further research into his criminal history. State’s Attorney Nichol Peco stated that Coley also had a 2012 arrest for murder, and the arrest did not show up on the bail commissioner’s background study of Coley. Coley’s next court date is April 10.

Wenzel also entered two protective orders, ordering Coley and McGhee-Brown to stay away from one another.

Police were called to the DoubleTree, 789 Connecticut Ave., for a report of a disturbance on the third floor at 11:45 p.m. Officers were met in the hallway by McGhee-Brown, who was dressed only in a towel and initially misidentified herself, police said.

McGhee-Brown told officers that she had thrown a vase and broken a table during a fight with her boyfriend, police said. She said that the two were slated to appear on Maury Povich’s talk show, and she became upset after finding out that Coley slept with her mother, according to police. Coley was slated to take a lie detector test on the show, and the couple was supposed to be booked in different hotel rooms. At the DoubleTree, they encountered one another and began arguing.

Coley came upstairs and initially told police that McGhee-Brown was fighting with “another John Coley,” according to Sgt. Lisa Cotto, a spokeswoman for the Norwalk Police Department.

Both suspects were taken into custody without incident, police said.

Coley eventually admitted to engaging in the altercation with McGhee-Brown, and police learned McGhee-Brown’s real identity while booking her at police headquarters.

Source: TheHour.Com


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