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BMW Gets An “Armored” Shell; Company Tests Durability With Large Amount Of Guns


BMW unveiled a new bulletproof version of its X5 SUV at the Moscow International Auto Salon this week, which press photos prove can withstand some serious punishment.

The new X5 Security Plus can reportedly take direct fire from an AK-47 assault rifle from 33 feet away thanks to its reinforced shatterproof security glass, and an ”armored passenger cell” made of special steel built into the frame of the SUV.

“The risk of armed violence — in particular, attack with automatic weapons like the AK-47 — is a fact of everyday life for certain customers,” BMW said of its security vehicles line, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The X5 also features an eight-cylinder turbo-charged 450-horsepower engine and all-wheel-drive for quick getaways on and off-road, all of which — when combined — will likely cost potential customers around $180,000 or more.

Credit: www.BMW.com

Credit: www.BMW.com

BMW has three tiers of armored vehicles to handle varying threat levels – Security, Security Plus and High Security, according to the German manufacturer’s website.

Source: The Daily Caller


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