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Black Student At Ball State University Gets A Racist Welcome Receives “Go Back To Afrikkka” Note On Her Dorm Steps

Imagine sending your precious child off to college, they get all settled in and ready to face a new world and are excited about the journey they are about to embark on and then the unspeakable happens.  No they are not physically injured but emotionally their spirit is crushed because of some cowardly racist who obviously doesn’t have the balls to do their dirty work up close and personal.

EarHustle411 came across a photo on Facebook posted by a woman whom she says she is close to the individual who received a hand-written note with a clear directive that said “Go back to Africa, you f**kin’ disgraceful coon a** n***er”.

racist note

Photo Credit: Cynthia White Facebook Page

Can you imagine the hurt this child feels right now receiving some mess like this in her first year of college?.  This sick world is full of cowardly people who hide behind keyboards and white sheets with the eyes cut out.  When the truth is those people are afraid to admit that they are the one’s who are inferior so they try to intimidate those who are not like them.   School has not even gotten underway good and EarHustle411 wants to encourage this young lady to stand strong, keep her head up and focus on your education so she can be a change agent in this world.

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