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Black Gang Members Allegedly Set Elderly White Woman On Fire And There Was No Public Outcry

According to The US Herald, The Black Lives Matter movement is quick to cry foul whenever black people appear to be stereotyped. But what about situations when all the facts point to gang-related activity that is clearly racial and occurs against whites? That was the case in Atlanta, Georgia several weeks ago when a black gang entered the home of an 83-year-old white woman.

black gang members

Photo Credit: CBS 46

That woman, Dorothy Dow, was sleeping in bed when a gang of four black men and women entered her home, beat her and then set her on fire. Dow passed away in the hospital recently from complications from the attack. Her attackers are now being charged with murder.

Justin Grady, age 38, Cortavious Deshaun Heard, age 18, Mina Christine Ellery, age 17 and Angel Latrice Harmon age 17 are all being held without bond on charges of “felony murder and malice murder.”

The group entered Dow’s home and pulled her from her bed where she was sleeping. One of the gang hit her repeatedly with a pistol, breaking the bones in her hand and her arm. Then Dow was covered in a flammable material and set on fire.

CBS46 News

She survived burning to death only because she pulled herself to a place where she knew she had kept a gallon jug of water. There she was able to pour the water on herself and put out the fire. Then, with a broken arm, she crawled to her cellphone and dialed 911.

The local news station gives no reasoning about why the attack occurred, but as we well know, had the races been reversed, the entire country would be burning from the Black Lives Matter protests.

We need to stop with this duplicitous nature in America. Death is wrong. Violence is wrong. Race shouldn’t matter.

Source: US Herald

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