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When A Bet Goes Wrong!! A Dominican Man Drinks A Whole Bottle Of Tequila And Dies After Collecting His Money

Some bets are just not worth taking.  The bet that Kelvin Rafael Majia accepted turns out would have been his final challenge he’d ever partake in.  It seems that Mr. Mejia joined in on a challenge of who could drink the most tequila on one shot.  A video was captured of him turning up the bottle of tequila and finishing it.  As soon as he finished the bottle and his winnings of $630, Mejia passed out and hit the floor and he would never regain consciousness.

Mejia could hardly stand after consuming the bottle of tequila, two men tried to help him get up but to no avail their assistance didn’t work.  He subsequently dies just moments later and the findings of his death by the Dominican Republic Medical Examiner was alcohol poisoning.

Kelvin may have won the bet and gotten the crown for drinking the most tequila but he lost his life in the end.   It’s  so very sad and an unnecessary loss of life.  May he rest in peace!!

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