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Beautiful Baby Girl Born In Car, Proud Father Says “Were Going To Get You There, Just Hold On [VIDEO]

Beautiful Baby Girl Born In Car, Proud Father Says "Were Going To Get You There, Just Hold On [VIDEO]


“Yea. Talk to me girl. We going to get you there. You just hold on,” Corey Lynn Griffith said on cell phone video to his newly born daughter.

This is not what Griffith and Diamond Jones planned as they rushed from I-20 in Rankin County to Baptist Women’s Clinic September 8 at five in the morning.

The new mother explains, “I think we had just passed the airport exit and I felt the head come out and I had to push.”

The proud father chimes in, “I thought it was a false alarm and I reached over and sure enough, it was. And I hit the gas immediately, and she said one more push and here she is. She sat her on her knee and I said, oh my goodness.”

In the cell phone video, Griffith tries to be a comfort to both the newborn and his fiance. “Rub her baby. Let her know you love her.”

Video taping the birth was a big part of the plan for Griffith, but having to shoot video in the car never entered his mind. “I had my phone in my hand because I had just called the nurse and thank God for the iPhone because you can just hit it and the camera is right there.”

While Corey is talking away to their new arrival in the video, Jones is busy inspecting the newborn and her umbilical cord. “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t tangled or wrapped around her and once I saw that and I was sitting her up, I figured we would be ok. We’ll make it to the hospital and let them cut the cord. But that’s the first thing we checked for was that she was not tangled.”

Griffith marvels at his newborn’s every reaction in the video. “She’s already trying to nurse. Look at her. She’s ready,” Griffith said to Jones.  “They tell me I’ll never love another person the way I love this girl and I know that truly.”

Jones says the experience has bonded them even closer. “This experience has been amazing. I mean, I think it’s the best memory that we have.”

The baby weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 inches long.

She’s been named exactly after her father, Corri Lynn Griffith.


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