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The_Scri_beI have watched Barrack Obama from the moment that he came into office as the first black President in the United States of America. You must take note that he is not the first black President of the Americas (South America, Central America and North America) there were many black Presidents before him. There was Benko Bioho of Columbia, Alonso De Illescas of Ecuador 1553, Gaspar Yanga of Mexico, Ulises Heureux Dominican Republic/ Hispanola 1882-1889 and the famous L toussant Overture of Haiti. I could go further in naming these black Presidents of the Americas’ but that is not the focus of this piece. I want to deal with how this President is growing right before the eyes of the international community.


The Osama Bin Laden mistake

When the United States was running around the world bombing caves and mountains trying to locate Osama Bin Laden (every play needs a bad guy) it was left up to Obama whether this man made it to trial or wether he would be exterminated. The administration chose extermination (without a body that can’t actually be proven) which further alienated the rest of the arabian world. Obama even made the mistake during an interview of saying he caught and had Bin Laden killed. We all must remember that Obama sat in a seat and that there was a system already in place, it wasn’t Obama that exterminated Bin Laden it was the powers that were already in Washington and abroad, Obama simply sat in the seat. This was the first time that the young President was taken advantage of but it wouldn’t be the last!



The white people in the middle east who are calling themselves Arabs are not the sons of Abraham, they are leftovers from the Ottomon Turk empire. This is documented world history , the Ottomon Turks invaded Egypt, Syria, Palestine and all of Arabia in 1517. In 1534 and 1535 Iraq and Iran were annexed, you can find this information by doing your research on Selim 1 of the Ottomon Turk empire.



The year that Gaddafi was killed Obama was in the early stages of his first Presidential term and he was part of the international delegation that had Libya invaded. You will also take note that this was the first time in the history of the world that while a civil war was taking place the rebels were setting up a new bank. I will talk about that in another piece but this is another situation where the young President was taken advantage of. I distincly remember Gaddafi appealing to Obama but his appeals fell on deaf ears as N.A.T.O and her allies invaded Libya and imposed a no fly rule over the country by Libyan military planes. This is the second time the young President was taken advantage of.



While the international bankers and Israel have been saber rattling and calling for the invasion of Iran, President Obama took another approach, diplomacy! You can see the growth in this, he told the international community No! We don’t always have to destroy a country just to rebuild that same country, instead of rebuilding these countries abroad why don’t we build up America at home! That made too much sense to the International bankers because without war they can’t make any money so they put on a full court Obama smear campaign thru the news media. The President is right why should America always send her sons abroad to die for the interests of the Corporate sector, why should women in the United States be bereaved of their sons and thus making them widows? This President has grown up on the world stage but you have to have eagle eyes to see it.



The world powers have decided that they need to invade Syria and they are using the same old drag…that Syria has weapons of mass destruction! When we invaded Egypt and hung an old man by the name of Saddam Hussein we accused him of having weapons of mass destruction. After they hung the old man and didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction they said….ooops…my bad. When the world powers invaded Libya and killed another old man by the name of Gaddafi he was accused of having weapons of mass destruction and after finding none they announced to the world ….ooops…my bad again! So now after two horriffic mistakes they want to invade Syria under the same pretext….he has weapons of mass destruction. The Obama administration in seeking to present the American public as a peace seeking people have offered to destroy Syria’s dangerous chemical stockpile at sea. This is the growth that I alluded to in the title of this piece, Obama has learned that he that rules among men must be just and righteous.

The old timers have a saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day and whether you like it or not Obama is behaving himself in a righteous manner. So for now the SCRIBE is giving Obama a passing grade on recent international policy. As usual this ends my scribal….THE SCRIBE.


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