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Actor Will Smith Gets The Green Light From Former President Obama To Play Him In A Role

Actor Will Smith Gets The Green Light From Former President Obama To Play Him In A Role

Muhammad Ali, Chris Gardner, Dr. Bennet Omalu… President Barack Obama?! Will Smith has played historical figures in past and nailed it every time. If things go the way we all hope they do, he could someday add Obama’s name to that list.

While riding along with James Corden for a segment of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series,” Will Smith revealed that President Obama has given his blessing for the Fresh Prince to play him on the big screen when the time comes, but not exactly because of his abilities as an actor. “I talked to Barack about it,” he said. “He told me that he felt confident that I had the ears for the role.”
Will has been trying to get that job since 2008 when he voted for Obama. Back in 2012, Michele Obama said she would choose either Denzel Washington or Will Smith to play her husband, but she gave Will the slight advantage for the same reason: “Will’s got those ears, though, which might give him an edge.”

The Academy should just make Will Smith an Oscar right now because his portrayal of Obama would be perfect, but given their track record, they won’t. Check the slideshow above to see what other perfect performances by Smith went unrewarded.
Will Smith didn’t just play Muhammad Ali, he became Muhammad Ali. The Academy gave him a nomination in 2002, but he lost to Denzel in “Training Day.”

“I Am Legend” is not the kind of film that the Academy usually recognizes, but don’t forget that Will Smith acted for most of the run time by himself! You try talking to mannequins and chasing after deer that aren’t actually there.

If you didn’t cry watching this film, you have no soul. Will Smith lost this one to Forest Whitaker (“The Last King of Scotland”), but he and Jaden should have taken home trophies for their performances.

Another tear-jerker film that gets you right in the feels every time. Smith won at the BET Awards and the Image Awards, but got no love at the Oscars.

This one wouldn’t be for his ears or his acting (even though he’s great), but Will Smith absolutely deserved to win Best Original Song for “Men In Black.” Does it qualify? Who knows…but it should have won anyway!

Source: The Real Rickey Smiley

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