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Bail Denied for Marissa Alexander!!!!

Is this a case of miscarriage of justice or does this judge has an axe to grind? Does he feel like his decision the first time was accurate and he’s trying to prove a point. This young lady is sitting in jail for 3 years now for standing her ground. Although she never harmed anyone, she was unjustly sentenced to 20 years in jail and her abuser set free.

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State attorney Richard Mantei argued Alexander should stay in jail and not be released on bond because she still poses a threat to Rico Gray, her estranged husband. Alexander was originally released on bond after the incident between she and her husband occurred in August 2010. She was ordered to stay away from her husband. But she violated the judge’s orders and went to see Gray and beat him in the face. She pled no contest and was sentenced to time served.

For this reason Mantei believes Alexander, if released, would repeat this same behavior. But Alexander’s attorney, Bruce Zimet, argued that his client should be granted bail because Gray sent text messages to Alexander asking if he could still have sex with her. This information may seem completely unrelated, but Alexander’s attorneys argue that if he is attempting to have sex with her, he is no longer afraid of what she might do to him if released. Zimet also said that if bond were granted Alexander would stay away from Gray, observe a curfew from dusk til dawn and work as a custodian at the Justice Faith Chapel Church of God. While Judge Daniel is refusing to make a ruling, his indecision means that Alexander will have to go back to jail in the meantime. Alexander’s next pretrial hearing is set for January 15 and her new trial will take place March 31.

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