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Ask Marlee: My Friends Are Trying To Take Advantage Of Me


Hi Marlee,

I’m a hair stylist and if I must say so, I am extremely good. I’ve been doing hair for about 10 years and take classes often to stay up on the latest hair styles fashion etc. I managed to save up enough money over the years to open up my own hair boutique and to my surprise I’m doing really well. I think my so called friends are jealous of me because I took that step to start my own business. They all came to me to get their hair done when I was hooking them up but now that I’ve turned my dream into a business, they go to other shops and stylists to do their hair and when they don’t have money they come running to me. I told them that they can no longer get free treatment and if they can afford to go somewhere else they should be able to pay me something. They had the nerves to get mad. Only 1 friend said she will come to me and been doing so faithfully. I do give her a great discount but the other friends got mad and act like I was asking too much. I told them before I opened my shop that I will have to start charging because I know have expenses and now they ain’t speaking to me. Why is it always the ones you call your friends the same ones to want to get over on you?

Ask Marlee Response

Not everyone that smiles, grin or laugh with you are for you. Not everyone you call a friend is indeed a friend. First and foremost congratulations on starting your own business that alone should be admired. The ones that get down in the trenches with you, are those you call friend, those that run when things look tough you call them Frienimies, those that come around when they need something done they are called users or opportunists and those that don’t want to see you flourish and make money you call them Haters. We have to know how to properly categorize our friendships, business relationships and our families. Try not to use the word friend so loosely because that is a word that holds volumes. See people for who they are. If they show you who they are believe them. Continue to be successful and grow your business into an empire. Don’t let that get you down. You are obviously doing something right when your haters openly show you that they are downright jealous.

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