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Apple i Watches Coming Soon!!!!!

Thanks to Apple’s new trademark application it looks like we’re getting an iWatch after all!iwatchc_martinhajek


In a few hours we are going to see what Apple has been working on lately. There’ll be new iPhones, maybe some new software and perhaps even an Apple TV or iPads.

And one more thing.  Please, let there be a ‘one more thing’ this time!

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 13.25.56 730x456 Im going to buy 6 iWatches. Heres why.

It is not like we deserve a brand new revolution from Apple, but it would be so nice to have one. I think most people who follow Apple are holding their breath to see if Apple will be able to innovate their way into another industry, and revolutionize it.

We don’t want to see mere upgrades. We want a revolution!

The iWatch certainly could be it. It may not be shipping in the next few weeks, but what if Apple gave us an early look, just as it did when the iPhone and iPad were first revealed months before their release dates?

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