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Angry Ex-Girlfriend Cooks Former Boyfriend’s Pit Bull In 300 Degree Oven

kinny redmon

Urbana, Illinois: Kinny Redmon was booked and charged after placing her boyfriend’s pit bull puppy in the oven, turning it on, placing a chair to lock it down for good and running away.

Police reports indicate that the owner of the dog and the 24-year-old woman used to date; they also have a child in shared custody. After splitting up, Redmon allowed her former boyfriend to stay in the house, alongside his three-month-old pit bull puppy.

But last week, the two got into an argument and the man went for work, leaving the house early. His puppy was left in a crate.

While at work, Redmon had called him on his cellphone three times. When he returned the call, his former girlfriend told him to ‘Go get yo’ puppy out the oven’ before hanging up.

The man quickly returned home only to discover the oven set at 300 degrees F, a chair pushed up against the door and the lifeless puppy inside. Upon arrival, police were overwhelmed by the smell inside the house.

Officers managed to apprehend Kinny Redmon later that day. Her bond was set at $250, 000, despite the fact that the State Attorney was pushing for a $1m bond.

Source: You Sign Animals

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