Angela Bassett Debuts In American Horror Story In a Bisexual Sex Scene With Gaga’s Countess

Angela Bassett Debuts In American Horror Story In a Bisexual Sex Scene With Gaga's Countess

Angela Bassett made a stunning debut on American Horror Story: Hotel with a sensual sex scene with Lady Gaga.

The iconic actress played Ramona Royale, a star 70s actress clearly based on herself, who fell madly in love with Gaga’s The Countess.

They are then shown in an intimate sex scene, tenderly kissing each other, stroking naked flesh and with The Countess lying on top of the actress in a tender embrace wearing just underwear and boots.

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The Countess then got a blade from her gloves, cut her breasts – with Ramona passionately licking it all up, insisting: ‘It was glorious.’

The sex scene came in the same episode as Naomi Campbell’s fashionista Claudia Bankson met a truly blood end – butchered in a knife leaving her in a blood-soaked nightie.

Of The Countess, Ramona – who was shown having starred in a lot of Shaft-like 70s action movies – said: ‘She was this rarified timeless creature. She knew everything about art, literature, fashion. This was the world I wanted to live in. She promised I could – forever.’

But they were then seen outside an elevator – with the same scene repeated through the passing years showing them growing increasingly distant.

Ramona then fell for a recording artist called Prophet Moses, saying of him: ‘He was without exception the most beautiful man I had ever seen. ‘I always thought she was the great love of my life. How wrong – it was Moe.’

Ramona is then seen cutting her breasts for him in the same way The Countess did for her – before they walk in and see The Countess, dressed all in white, sitting in Moe’s studio with all his friends dead.

‘It’s sad – we could have had a future,’ The Countess said with tears in her eyes. ‘She must have really loved you,’ she told Moe – grabbing his gun and turning it on him to shoot him in the head.

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