“Al Sharpton and his National Action Network has Joined Forces to Boycott Kanye West’s Confederate Flag Apparel”

Al Sharpton and his National Action Network in LA are calling for a national boycott of Kanye West’s clothing with Confederate flags; Kanye is known for being obnoxious, outlandish with a non caring behavior, however this time we think his ranting and obvious cry for attention may have gotten him in a bit of hot water with his many fans.

Defiant: Kanye West wore a jacket bearing the Confederate Flag as he left boxing class in Los Angeles on Saturday

Kanye uses the historically racist symbol to adorn his concert merchandise. One of the tees, for example, shows a confederate flag with a skull and reads “I Ain’t Comin’ Down.” Another one has a skeleton figure draped in a confederate flag holding a scythe. Still others depict skeletons wearing Indian headdresses with the caption “God Wants You.” There are also tote bags with just the confederate flag by itself.

Kanye West already has several pieces of merchandise from his Yeezus tour  that are emblazoned with the controversial Southern Cross at his tour store in Los Angeles. Our organization is determined to shut down that and any other store that decides to sell this merchandise. For African-Americans the confederate flag is symbolic of the hurt and pain of slavery in the South and the legacy it has left for those still living under those ideologies. When Kanye embraces and adorns this confederate flag,  He also embraces the ignorance and racism that goes along with it. I challenge Kanye West to create a clothing line of merchandise featuring swastikas if he’s sincere about his beliefs . But we all know Kanye doesn’t have the courage to do that. The Jewish community would run him out of town if he did and so should the African American community.”


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