“Akon Denies Discriminating Against Darker Skin Models for Music Video”

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Per Madamenoire.com, For years rappers have been accused of being partial to lighter skinned women when selecting models to appear in their music videos. Unfortunately, it appears that the cycle is only getting worse. The latest rapper to be accused of being prejudice against dark-skinned models is Senegalese rapper Akon. Recent reports have implied that while shooting a new music video with WizKid, the rapper turned away a few Ghanian models because of their darker skin tones. According to All Hip Hop, a few models who were reportedly turned away say that they were told by the person who originally invited them to the set said that producers only wanted “half cast” (aka mixed) women to appear in the video. As a result, people were reportedly seeking to organize a boycott against the “Play Hard” rapper. TMZ recently caught up with Akon to discuss the allegations and afford him with the opportunity to clean up the rumors. He insists that the rumors are false.“That doesn’t even make any sense. That don’t make sense at all, man,” Akon said in response to the allegations. To clarify, the cameraman then asked if the rumors were true. Akon responded:“Absolutely not. “We’ll certainly take Akon’s word for it, though we don’t know many rappers who would actually admit to doing such a thing
Source:  madamenoire.com
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