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Ad Shows White Woman Feeds Little Black Boy Like A Dog


We saw this ad and couldn’t help but be taken aback and a little offended. But then again, it appears that the organization is seeking to make a beneficial point. Despite their good intentions, the sickness of the imagery might be enough to upset most who are looking at this happen on-screen.

Throughout history, African Americans have been seen as a little less human than whites. This perception goes back to before slavery and was long used as justification for our continued suffering. Even today, recent studies show that whites believe that blacks feel less pain, especially black men. Could this be part of the reason that some are comfortable with the image of a black boy as a dog?

Black poster

Note Political Scientist and historian Dr. Wilmer Leon once stated that part of the reason it’s so easy for police to murder young black men is because society was never trained to see our humanity in the first place. When others see you as less than human, it’s difficult for them to empathasize with your plight.


Watch the advertisement and tell us what you think. Does the noble cause justify the disturbing imagery or is there a better way they could have sent their message?

Source: Black Blue Dog

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