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Bernie Sanders Say Sandra Bland Would Be Alive If She Were A White Woman

Bernie Sanders has been quite vocal lately as it’s related to the treatment of African-Americans, particularly the issue surrounding the death of Sandra Bland.   You remember her,  the woman who was found hung in a jail cell in Texas after she was initially stopped for an improper lane change but subsequently found herself being arrested shortly thereafter.  In recent reports, the Grand Jury has decided not to hold any of the officers accountable for the treatment of Sandra Bland while she was in their custody not to mention they also have not come to a decision whether to indict State Trooper Brian Encina who by the way has been on “desk” duty since the incident.

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Bernie Sanders made a very bold statement upon hearing the Grand Jury’s decision and EarHustle411 wants to know what you think about it. He has said in the past that Sandra Bland should have never been arrested nor should she have died in police custody.  He said in plain English that if Sandra Bland were a white woman she’d still be alive.  C’mon now Bernie!!!

There’s plenty of speculation that so many African-Americans male and female have died in police custody or in prison and their deaths have been classified as suicides or something other than what they really were.  So where’s the outrage about that (guess that’s another topic for another time).

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EarHustle411 agrees with Bernie Sanders that a complete reform of a broken justice system is needed and when that will take place is a mystery to us all.  So the question of the day is very simple, If Bernie Sanders were to be elected as the next POTUS, do you think he would push for reform of the justice system?

Share your thoughts about this and should the Grand Jury reconsider their decision.

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