Actor Orlando Brown Former “That’s So Raven” Star Charged With 3 Crimes

orlando brown

Two weeks ago we reported on a disturbing 911 call made by a woman who said that she was being harassed by “That’s So Raven” actor Orlando Brown.

In the background, a man, who sounds a lot like Orlando, could be heard ranting about killing the woman, her 3-year-old daughter and her mother, who is already deceased.

“Tell them Orlando Brown is crazy, n—a!” the man can be heard yelling on the tape. “Orlando Brown is crazy n—a! I’ll kill you, your mama, your daughter—everybody b—h.”
“He just said he’s going to kill my 3-year-old daughter! Can you get here?!” the woman screamed at the 911 operator. “You can’t hear this? You think I’m making this up? He just said, ‘I’ll kill you and your 3-year-old daughter!”



As you may recall, the woman claimed that the actor began harassing her after she declined one of his sexual advances. Orlando, however, denied being the voice heard on the 911 call as well as harassing the woman. In fact, he pegged the woman as a stalker who “excessively” texts him.

On the night of the disturbance, the former child star was arrested.

Earlier today, he was formally charged with two counts of disturbing the peace and one count of public intoxication behind the incident, TMZ reports.

As for allegedly threatening to kill the woman and her child, investigators say that they could not press charges due to insufficient evidence to prosecute him. They also claim that they do not believe the woman feared for her life.

If convicted of the charges brought against him, Orlando faces up to 9 months behind bars. We’ll be surprised if he does any time though.

Source: Dallas Black


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